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Stovax Yellow Iris fireplace

Stovax Art Nouveau Tiled Front, highlight polished with Yellow Iris fireplace tiles

Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles

To complement Stovax's range of tiled cast iron fireplaces there is also a choice of authentically-crafted tube-lined tiles with highly translucent glazes that faithfully reflect the charm and style of the Victorian fireplace.

Full range of Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles...

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Modern and stylish”
#festivefireside our Christmas fireside, thanks for the new fire x
Stovax Sheraton 5 Wood burning stove – “So pleased with our new Stovax fire.”
“My Perfect Burner”
Laura, Studio 1, Clean crisp lines
“What A Difference a Day Makes”
“Heat and looks combined.”
#CosyCarvings Double Double Toil and Trouble here is my entry for this years Bubble (hoping bubbles are in the hamper!!)
Gazco eStudio 85R Electric fire – “Great focal point for any living room”
“A fantastic focal point”
Charlotte Greedy, Contemporary Media Wall, eReflex 135R electric fire
“Cosy and warm with Stovax”
#CSinstallations Photos of our installation of a @StovaxGazco Riva 2 500 with an Ellingham front #CoriniumStoves
Catherine,  Stockton 5 wood burning stove, 200 year old cottage
Loving our new fire #stovax #stovaxview8 #castworks #abbeyfireplaces #currarong #jervisbay #berry #southcoastnsw @currarongbeachhouse
Gazco Marlborough 2 Gas stove – “Keeping the family cosy and warm, especially the grandchildren”
Penny & Michael, Oak Frame Home, Gazco Vogue Midi Midline
“Modern look”
“It’s a dog’s life”
“Best Buy Ever”
Gazco Huntingdon 20 Electric Stove – “Superb product”
Gazco Logic HE, Looks good, cosy and warm
“Warm, Simple & Efficient”
Kirsty Huddart, Stovax Huntingdon 30, West Sussex
Stovax Studio 1 Freestanding – “Unbelievable”
Gazco eStudio 105R electric fire – “Focal Point”
Yesterday’s install of a Stovax View 5 T Midline into existing opening. @StovaxGazco
“Really pleased!”