Your guide to 2021 interior trends

Your guide to 2021 interior trends

We can’t escape the fact that external environments affect homes and interiors trends. Like it or not, COVID-19 has had its own effect on home design trends, as we spend more time indoors re-evaluating what determines our comforts. Here’s a round-up of the interior design trends for 2021, and how to incorporate them into your home.

Pantone of the year

PANTONE announced its colours of the year as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – two very opposing colours that seem to still work in harmony when paired together. Expect to see a lot of these colours during 2021, and read our article on how to bring these shades of grey and yellow into your home this year.

Textured furniture

Textured furniture is back in vogue, with tactile surfaces now all the rage. Upcycled drawers with decorative fronts, plus grooved storage pieces are all infiltrating our homes, with slats, fluted finishes, and reeded detailing all taking centre stage.

One subtle way to introduce a textured finish is to think about the lining of your fire. Some of Gazco’s fires, like the Riva2 500HL Slimline gas fire, feature the option for a Black Reeded Lining – perfect for introducing texture.

Decorative woodwork

The 2020 wall panelling trend was a huge hit, and it looks as though it’s here to stay. Panelling a room not only helps to add character, but also assists particularly in newer properties to evoke a sense of history. Consider panelled walls in a snug, paired with a cosy electric stove for a truly charming space.

Broken plan living

Open plan living has been a household favourite for some time, with many even choosing to take down partition walls to open up a feeling of flow and freedom within a property. During the past year with more of us having to share space with others at one given time, a further trend is arising – the need to screen off certain areas to offer a more distinct sense of zoning.

One idea is to incorporate this by using a double-sided fire, such as the Stovax Studio Duplex wood burning fire. Another is to take advantage of a larger space and fit a corner or multi-sided fire, like the Reflex 75T Multi-Sided gas fire from Gazco. Both of these options either create a screening by dividing the space or by providing an unusual focal point that can be enjoyed from multiple angles in a room – ideal for broken-plan living.

Green, green, green

Green has often been a favourite colour in the home, and it’s not going anywhere for 2021. This includes using indoor plants to make home environments more calming, to opting for eco-friendly designs.

To do your bit for the environment, it’s a good opportunity to update your fireplace and make your interior a little greener.

Today’s modern wood burning stoves and fires offer a much more efficient performance than older models and open fireplaces. What’s more, Ecodesign stoves and fires help to improve air quality through their high performance combustion systems which help to reduce emissions to an absolute minimum. Find out more about Ecodesign here.

(Image: Horgan Homes, featuring Stovax Studio 2 Freestanding wood burning stove. Read full case study here.)

Home office style

Working from home is certainly not a rarity anymore – in fact, a lot of us are spending the majority of our time working remotely. It therefore makes sense to ensure your home working space is comfortable and cosy. Check out our article on how to make your home office more cosy – starting with an electric stove.

Let’s get techy

While we’re talking about home comforts, one trend sure to be on the mind of many is improving the tech in our homes – and you don’t need to compromise on your fire, either.

The majority of our gas stoves and electric fires can be controlled via a remote handset, meaning you don’t even need to leave the sofa to be able to enjoy the heat. Some fires like the Gazco Reflex gas fire range even offer WiFi app control, allowing you to adjust the flames and heat via your mobile device.

Gazco’s electric fires can even be used without the heat, giving you the option to enjoy a gorgeous flame effect even in the height of summer.

Cottagecore Style

Cottagecore has seen huge insurgence over 2020, and it’s not stopping there. Just as it implies, cottagecore draws inspiration from the countryside, and embraces everything romantic and nostalgic. On a homes and interiors scale, think about floral prints and botanical motifs, plus natural materials in the soft furnishings you use around the home, such as linen.

Where to buy a log burner

If this article has got you thinking about a fireplace update, many of our local retailers are still taking queries via social media. Find your local expert retailer here.

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  1. The part of your article that talked about eco-friendly fireplaces and how they’ll be a trend this year really caught my attention. Since we’ll be spending more time inside, staying comfortable is definitely going to be a priority for us, but I want to make sure we do this without spending so many irresponsible resources like gas and fuel. I’ll make sure that we take this into account when we get a construction contractor to help us remodel our house with things like fireplaces and stoves.

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