How to make your home office more cosy

How to make your home office more cosy

Are you working from home? An electric stove or fire can make the perfect addition to your workspace. Here’s some inspiration for how to make your workspace an inspirational and cosy environment.

Being comfortable in your home office space is important for keeping focused and productive – plus, you want your workspace to be somewhere that you feel happy spending time in.

Here are some ideas for how to make your work-from-home environment cosy by installing an electric stove, and some tips on how to style them with your room.

Vogue Midi electric stove, from Gazco

Studies and offices are often rooms in which you spend a long time sitting for extended periods of time, so an electric stove is a great way to regulate the heat in your room as you need. The Vogue Midi from Gazco, shown above, can be used with the heat on or off. This means if you start to get a little chilly and want some localised heat in the room, it’s a great way to warm up without turning the central heating on. Likewise, if you just enjoy the comforting ambience but it’s also the height of summer, simply select the stove to function without the heat and you’re left with a beautiful flame display.

eReflex 70W electric fire, from Gazco, shown with Trento suite.

Electric stoves or fires come in all sorts of sizes and options for installation. If you have an awkward-sized room or a corner that looks plain and could do with bringing to life, many electric fires are available as wall-mounted versions, and some can even be installed directly into a corner like the eReflex 70W from Gazco above.

Left: Vogue Midi T electric stove from Gazco
Right: CL5 electric stove from Yeoman

Lastly, an electric stove will also help to create zoned areas in your study space. For example, position an electric stove near a reading chair for added luxury, like the Vogue Midi T above, or create a cosy nook near your desk by filling a corner with a contemporary focal point – such as the Yeoman CL5 electric stove.

Whichever option you choose, your local Approved Expert Retailer is at hand to answer your queries, and help you choose the right electric stove for your home office transformation.

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