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Wood burning stoves: your questions answered

In this blog post, we investigate the most commonly asked questions surrounding the use, benefits, and considerations of wood burning stoves in your home. Whether you're contemplating the cosy appeal of a log burner, concerned about its environmental impact, or curious about the costs involved, we've got you covered.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on whether a wood burning stove is the right choice for you, ensuring that your home remains a haven of warmth and comfort. So, let’s stoke the fire and get started on exploring the ins and outs of log burners.

1. Do log burners warm the whole house?

Wood burning stoves, also called log burners, are an efficient way to heat a space. Unlike traditional open fireplaces, log burners efficiently warm the room they’re in and, depending on the layout and size of your home and the model you opt for, can help raise the temperature in other areas as well.

The Stovax Riva2 wood burning fire collection is a good example of a log burner that can heat more than one room. Most models in this range are compatible with a warm air ducting kit. The kit includes two 3 metre lengths of flexible ducting, allowing you to heat up to two other living spaces. All Riva2 fires except for the smallest size, Riva2 40, have two ports for this kit, providing heat for up to two additional rooms.

Log burner shown in a pink room with Barbiecore interior design trend. An inset wood burning stove.

The ability of a wood burning stove to warm the entire house does depend on several factors including the stove’s size, its placement, and your home’s insulation and layout. Open plan homes or those with strategic placement of the stove and good circulation can benefit from more widespread warmth.

2. Are wood burners healthier than open fires?

When it comes to indoor air quality and health, wood burners have a significant advantage over open fires. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, Ecodesign log burners are glass fronted with a door that keeps all combustion within the stove, with any gases exiting up the chimney.

Ecodesign log burner

The enclosed design of Ecodesign wood burning stoves allows for more complete combustion of wood, which significantly reduces emissions released into the air, in comparison with open fires. This can be as much as a 90% reduction of emissions – having a huge impact on improving air quality. It is crucial to use dry, well-seasoned wood and ensure your stove is correctly fitted with a qualified installer.

3. Can you burn pallet wood or fence posts in a log burner?

Burning pallet wood or fence posts in a log burner is not recommended. Many pallets and treated fence posts contain chemicals or have been treated with preservatives, paint, or varnish, which can release harmful gases and nasty residues in your flue when burned. These substances can harm your health and the environment, and they may also damage your wood stove and flue. It’s important to use dry, untreated, and well-seasoned wood to ensure a safe and efficient burn. Look for the Woodsure Ready to Burn logo if purchasing firewood from a store.

4. Do I need permission for a wood burning stove?

Installing a log burner does not need permission normally, but does require adherence to specific regulations. This includes building regulations, plus compliance with local smoke control area rules.

It’s essential to check with your local authority or a certified installer to understand the requirements and obtain any necessary permissions before installation.

5. Is a wood burning stove a good idea?

A wood burning stove can be a great addition to your home for several reasons. It can offer an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a space especially if you source your own wood from your own land, providing warmth and comfort with the added aesthetic appeal of a real fire. On top of this, when sourced responsibly, wood can be viewed as a viable sustainable energy source.

Of course, a wood burning stove can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your home, providing a timeless charm and elegance. The stove itself serves as a striking centrepiece in the room. Wood stoves are available in a variety of styles that range from traditional to contemporary, ensuring there’s a design to complement every type of home décor. The warm glow of the fire adds a cosy and inviting ambiance, creating a soothing environment where family and friends can gather around for a sense of warmth and comfort.

Stovax County 8 wood burning stove. Wallpaper trends for 2023.

6. Are log burners expensive to run?

The running cost of log burners can be relatively low! One of the key factors that make wood burning stoves an appealing option is the ability to choose where you source your wood fuel from. This works perfectly if you have access to a free or low-cost supply of wood.

However, the actual cost efficiency of operating a log burner depends on several variables:

  • The cost of wood in your area: If you need to purchase wood, prices can vary based on the type, availability, and whether it’s seasoned and ready to burn.
  • Efficiency of the stove: Modern wood burning stoves are designed to be much more efficient, meaning they burn less wood to produce the same amount of heat compared to older models or open fires.
  • How and where you use it: The efficiency of heating your home with a log burner also depends on how you use it, for example following the manufacturer’s guidance on best ways to fuel, light, and maintain a fire in your log burner. Additionally, well-insulated homes retain heat better, requiring less fuel to keep the space warm.

7. Where can I buy a log burner?

A log burner is best purchased from a local expert retailer, who will offer a personalised service and they will investigate your bespoke needs. Local dealers have a wealth of experience regarding the regulations in your area and can provide installation services or recommend someone who can.

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