Orbit Electric Fires

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Getting warm by the fire with friends”
Stovax Vouge Midi – “Looks Awesome”
“Looking forward to Winter”
Alan Baker, eStudio 105R Electric ‘Win the cost of your product back’ winner
Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire – “Impressed!”
Stovax Stockton 5 wood stove – “Gorgeous stove and really warm”
Yeoman CL5 Gas Stove – “Warm and atmospheric”
Gazco Vogue Midi Gas Stove – “Warm and practical focal point”
Stovax Riva 66 – “Top class installation finish”
“Even the duck loves the stove”
Stovax Vogue medium wood stove – “Fabulous Flames!”
Gazco eStudio 85R electric fire – “Epic fire”
“So warm and toasty!”
Charlotte Greedy, Contemporary Media Wall, eReflex 135R electric fire
“We love our new fire!”
“We look forward to coming home and lighting our Stovax woodburner”
“Elegantly Cosy”
Gazco Reflex 75T Gas Fire – “Fell in love”
“Enjoying our multi-fuel stove”
Gazco Stockton 5 Mk2 LED Black electric stove – “The dog loves it!”
Joanna, The Bothy, Isle of Skye
Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Excellent choice”
Paul, Vogue gas stove, beautiful open plan extension
Gazco eStudio 105R Electric fire – “Magic Glow”
“Beautiful and minimalist”
“Cosy, Warm and Comforting”
“Cosy and warm”
Gazco eStudio Cerreto Electric Fire Suite – “Superb ambiance, warm & relaxing”
Preparations #17mai #nasjonaldagen #nationalday #homeatfunksjonelt
“Living Room Transformed”

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