Studio 3 Electric Evolve Light Up Your Life with a Vibrant Gazco Electric Fire

Light Up Your Life with a Vibrant Gazco Electric Fire

Gazco offers a wide range of electric fires that are efficient, easy to install and can provide your room with a stylish focal point.

Riva2 Electric 70 with Victorian Corbel Mantel in Limestone

Riva2 Electric 70 with Victorian Corbel Mantel in Limestone

Light, warmth and style, those are the qualities that make a fire the striking centrepiece of your room. A Gazco Electric Fire offers all three of these important qualities and combines them with incredible flexibility of installation and high efficiencies. If you opt for an electric fire you won’t need a chimney, and your fire can be operated simply with a remote control, so they are the perfect choice for many rooms including bedrooms and conservatories. What’s more, if you opt for a wall-mounted electric fire, there isn’t even any building work required!

Using unique VeriFlame™ technology, a Gazco Electric Fire provides a realistic and welcoming glow. You can create your perfect atmosphere with different brightness levels, all controlled by a remote control. You can even enjoy the bright lights of an electric fire without the heat, allowing you to achieve the ambience you desire whatever the weather!

Switch the heat on and a Gazco Electric Fire can offer heat outputs of up to 2kW, making them ideal for heating a wide variety of spaces. With the remote control you can turn the heat setting up or down at the touch of a button, no need to refuel, just press and go. Not only that, a Gazco Electric Fire also has efficiencies of up to 99%, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the heat is going straight into your room.

When it comes to style, a Gazco Electric Fire can inject some colour and vibrant character into your room, help you recreate classic looks or offer a chic and contemporary focal point. Electric fires can come in wall-mounted, hearth-mounted or built-in models and are offered with a wide choice of frame designs, fronts and colours.

Riva2 670 Electric Verve XS in Metallic Bronze

Riva2 670 Electric Verve XS in Metallic Bronze

If you want a frame that brightens up your living space, take a look at the smooth curve of the Verve. Available for the Studio 1, 2, 3 and 22, as well as the Riva2 670 electric fires, the Verve can be offered in Graphite, Metallic Red, Metallic Bronze or Ivory.

For a sophisticated and unique finish, why not look at the Studio Electric E-Motiv and Evolve? These stunning frames incorporate walnut or oak finishes with either glass or steel infills, resulting in a contrasting look that cannot help but draw admiring eyes. A similar effect is realised by the Riva2 670 Evoke Glass and Evoke Steel. Both of these frames consist of two layers, either in Glass or Steel, which can be customised in a variety of colours to complete the complementary finish.

If an elegant, stone mantel is to your taste, the Riva2 Electric Inset fire is offered with six beautiful natural stone mantels in either antique white marble or natural limestone. These timeless hand-finished designs will look at home in both traditional and contemporary interiors and ensure your electric fire makes a grand impression.

These are just some of the highlights from Gazco’s innovative electric fire range. To find out more about the range of electric fires, and perhaps view some for yourself, contact your local Gazco retailer.

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  1. Joe Buckley says:

    I have bought an apartment with a Gazco 8590 ELR electric fire and need a manual for same, can you help the serial no is 8590ELR01746.

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