Studio 2 Electric Verve An Electric Fire For All Seasons

An Electric Fire For All Seasons

Gazco electric fires offer a stylish and heart warming focal point for your home, with or without heat output for the ultimate in versatility.

Soaring temperatures need not prevent you from enjoying a Gazco electric fire. As well as offering the ultimate in efficiency and heat output, our electric fires and stoves come with the option to use the LED light effects independently for complete versatility.

Gazco Studio 22 Electric E-Motiv in Walnut

The portrait dimensions of the Studio 22 Electric lend themselves perfectly to hallways!

This means that no matter what the weather throws at you, you can enjoy the wonderful ambiance created by a fire… whether the outdoor temperature is 20 or 2 degrees Celsius!

With a broad choice of fire shapes, installations and frames, Gazco’s electric range can be welcomed into any home and includes many styles, from contemporary insets to more traditionally styled stoves. Gazco is also pleased to introduce a new range of stunning frames for its Studio Electric fires. The Evolve and E-Motiv are two part ‘fronts’ incorporating wood finishes with either sparking glass or sophisticated black steel. Both provide a thoroughly complementary frame for the unique flame effect and a stylish, heart warming focal point for your home.

To find out more, visit your local retailer who will be able to offer you comprehensive and professional advice or browse our Electric Fires & Stoves brochure online.

3 responses to “An Electric Fire For All Seasons”

  1. Val Honyben says:

    I am looking for an electric fires or stove which give out a good heat without the use of warm method which I do not like. Can you please let me have details

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Val, thanks for your comment. The majority of our electric fires can provide up to 2kW of heat output, so it’s mainly about the style you like. If you visit our product finder and filter to electric, you can see all the styles of electric stove and fire we offer:
      Alternatively, you can visit your local Gazco retailer to see a range of options in person, and have a demonstration of products on live display. Please visit our find a retailer page to find your nearest retailer:
      Best wishes, Chris

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