Logic Electric Progress Gazco Electric Fires Know No Limits

Gazco Electric Fires Know No Limits

Transform any room with a Gazco Electric Fire

For many, the dream of installing a stunning fire can seem impossible. Small spaces, oddly-shaped rooms, lack of existing chimneys and considerable building work can all be seem like overwhelming obstacles.

Studio 22 Electric Verve

Studio 22 Electric Verve

Enter Gazco’s incredible range of Electric Fires. Unlike solid fuel or gas fires, electric fires are only limited by the need for a conventional plug socket, opening up new possibilities in fireplace positioning. Whether you desire a realistic electric fire or a unique focal point for your room, you can find a Gazco electric fire to suit your needs.

Gazco Electric Fires can provide you with a wealth of fitting options to suit any space, including wall mounted, freestanding, hearth mounted and built-in designs. This flexibility makes electric fires ideal for heating a variety of rooms, from bedrooms, to kitchens, to studies, to conservatories. With a heat output from 0.5 to 2 KW and a high efficiency of 99%, an electric fire can be a convenient and effective heating solution, and as they are operated by remote control, all of this can be achieved with the touch of a button.

When it comes to design, Gazco’s Electric Fires offer almost endless potential, from impressive contemporary looks, to more traditional models. Each fire also comes with a flame effect only setting, meaning you can enjoy your fire all year round.

Highlights from the Gazco Electric Fire range

Clarendon Electric Stove

Clarendon Electric Stove

Perfect for coping with small or unusually proportioned rooms, the Studio 22 Electric’s portrait design comes in a range of attractive frame styles. Whether you enjoy the polished look of the black Glass, the subtle curve of the Verve, or the sophisticated two-part frames of the E-Motiv and Evolve, there is a Studio 22 to suit your décor.

However, an electric fire does not have to mean contemporary design. Gazco offers a range of electric stoves that can create a homely look anywhere with their realistic VeriFlame™ flame picture and authentic designs. Stoves such as the Clarendon Electric come in a variety of finishes, with a delightful log-effect fuel bed, making it a convenient alternative to a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, but with all the character and none of the maintenance.

Alternatively, for more modern interiors, the Logic Electric Futura has a sleek appearance and slim profile. With its white stone fuel bed and black glass finish, the Futura is the ultimate in contemporary styling. At the cutting-edge of modern design, the Futura can be customised to suit your look with upgradeable red, black or clear glass bead fuel effects.

Gazco Electric Fires and Stoves are a fantastic way of achieving the look of a fabulous fireplace in any room. Don’t let small rooms, building work or in inability to install a chimney or flue hold back your fireplace dream! Visit your local retailer to find out more about Gazco Electric Fires.

Logic Electric Futura with white stones

Logic Electric Futura with white stones

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