Reasons to Choose a Skope Electric Fire

Reasons to Choose a Skope Electric Fire

Our Gazco Skope electric fire range offers a whole new flame-effect with a variety of fuel beds, powerful mood lighting and a host of furniture installations.

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Comprising four inset and two multi-sided models, the Skope electric fire range presents homeowners with a wealth of options.

1.) Feature Fuel Effects

Skope fires come complete with a range of different fuel effects which can be easily interchanged to create the desired look, or even mixed and matched for a bespoke display.

For a more authentic aesthetic, the realistically detailed logs can be positioned on a bed of grey and clear pebble effects for the appearance of a glowing, popping ember bed.

For those looking for an ultra-contemporary centrepiece, the Crystal Ice fuel effect is made up of a bed of small glass-effect crystals upon which larger ones can be arranged.

All fuel effect elements can be combined to create any combination, and when lit with the Skope’s Chromalight triple lighting systems (detailed overleaf) offer almost endless possibilities.

2.) Complete Creative Control

All models in the Skope range include an elegant thermostatic handset that gives full control over the fire’s host of features. Both heat output and Chromalight can be operated independently to create the desired atmosphere.

3.) Chromalight® flame and lighting effects

Combining triple LED systems with a deep fuel bed, the innovative Skope range elevates electric fire technology to whole new levels. Flames appear to rise between the fuel effects, thanks to a reflective lining which mirrors the fire’s fuel-effect behind the flame picture. Using the three part Chromalight Immersive LED System, the bright flames come to life, and can be selected in four variations including amber, amber accented with blue, blue, and blue accented with amber depending on preference. Dynamic variation in flame height is achieved across each effect thanks to the fire’s innovative projection system that creates an almost random, living visual. Augmented by overhead LEDs, fuel effects are bathed in either amber or white light to complement the selected flame colour.

Gazco’s Chromalight system also includes fuel-bed LED up-lighting, which can be set to 12 vibrant colours that combine with the flame-effect for a truly mesmerising display. Shining through the fuel-effects, the LED lights create a rippling, varied glow that can be either set to a single colour or to gradually cycle through each.

4.) Stylish new Trento surround for Skope multi-sided models

Both 70 and 110 multi-sided models can be installed with the Skope’s contemporary Trento surround, housing the fire for minimal installation work.

Homeowners can choose from either central, left or right configurations, which can be further enhanced with contrasting black satin corner columns and end-pieces if desired.

For more information, you can visit our Skope electric range page, download our Skope brochure and speak to your local retailer.

If you currently have a Skope electric fire, please share it with us on our Hearth Warming Moments Area.

2 responses to “Reasons to Choose a Skope Electric Fire”

  1. Nicola hamilton says:

    Can you let me know if the Skope fires produce heat or are they just ornamental

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Morning Nicola,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

      The eReflex (Skope) produces a heat output of 1-2kWs.

      We hope this helps,

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