The Stockton Collection – an Ecodesign Stove Range From Stovax

The Stockton Collection – an Ecodesign Stove Range From Stovax

Standing the test of time, Stockton stoves have been a mainstay in our wood burning and multi-fuel stove range. And for good reason. Few stoves combine tasteful looks, rock-solid reliability, and versatile installation options quite as well as a Stockton. Read on to find out why a Stockton stove will make an excellent choice for your home.

Six sizes to choose from

Stockton wood burning stoves come in six sizes, giving you a huge range of options to suit your home and heating needs. Need some warmth for a cosy corner? Or perhaps you’re working from home in a draughty shed-come-office? Take a look at the Stockton 3 multi-fuel stove or its taller sibling, the Stockton 4 multi-fuel stove – both of which are ideal for heating small spaces.

For standard-sized rooms and living spaces, check out the Stockton 5 or 5 Wide. Both have been designed to provide the typical 5kW heat output required for most homes. Neither too big nor too small, Stockton 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves preserve the classic proportions of traditional designs and fit a range of inglenook sizes.

The Stockton 5 Wide’s clever engineering allows it to deliver the stunning flame visuals of a much larger wood burning stove, without the inevitably higher heat output. Thanks to its slim depth and innovative firebox, this wood burning stove provides an optimum 5kW of heat for standard-sized spaces. A fixed grate allows this versatile stove to burn mineral fuels as well as logs.

At the larger end of the scale is the Stockton 8 and Stockton 11. Designed for surroundings with a lot of space, these powerful wood burning stoves are a great choice for open or broken-plan living areas, as well as living rooms with high ceilings.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves options

Need a stove that will burn wood or mineral fuels with equally high performance? Stockton stoves come in a range of multi-fuel models that can heat your home with either logs or smokeless mineral fuels including the 3, 4, 5, 5 Wide, and 8. With the exception of the 5 Wide, which features a fixed grate, all Stockton multi-fuel stoves can be riddled externally for easy ash management when burning mineral fuels.

Ecodesign Ready & approved for urban areas

All Stockton stoves provide low-emission heating, making them a great choice for urban homes. Carefully considered firebox engineering ensures fuel is burnt with optimum efficiency, minimising smoke emissions to meet current DEFRA smoke control limits in towns and cities.

Thanks to their next-generation heating performance, Stockton stoves also meet 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards in line with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy. To protect local air quality, these stringent emission targets permit only minimal amounts of combustion by-products to be emitted from solid fuel appliances. All Stockton wood burning and multi-fuel stoves breeze through these tough Ecodesign requirements.

More freedom when it comes to choosing your stove’s location

Stockton stoves feature rear heat shields to lower the temperature behind the stove, reducing the amount of space needed between the stove and nearby combustible materials such as wood or plasterboard. This gives you a little more freedom when it comes to choosing where your stove will be installed, making fitting as easy as possible. Stockton 3, 4, 5, and 5 Wide stoves are also suitable for decorative 12mm hearths, so you don’t have to have the usual 25mm constructional stone or concrete hearth typically required for the installation of a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

Where to buy a Stockton wood burning or multi-fuel stove

The best place to buy a Stockton stove is from your local expert retailer. With their experience and knowledge, they can take care of the full installation process, as well as help you choose the correct size Stockton stove for your home. Find your local Stovax retailer here!



8 responses to “The Stockton Collection – an Ecodesign Stove Range From Stovax”

  1. Judy Felgate says:

    I am looking for a replacement Back plate and a Baffle plate for a stovax stockton 11,
    Please provide your prices. Thank You.

  2. Judy Felgate says:

    Hello.. the series no. is ASTN 33727

  3. Helen says:

    We have a multifuel Stockton 7 which was installed about 13 years ago. We are not in a smoke control area but want to reduce emissions eg by only burning kiln dried wood. Can we achieve this without retrofitting a smoke control unit? How does the smoke control unit work and could we achieve the same by keeping the top vent open permanently? Thanks for explaining

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Helen, thanks for your comment. You’re doing the right thing trying to lower emissions as much as possible, and yes it’s fine to burn kiln dried wood on a multi fuel stove, however as wood does burn best on a bed of ash you’d be better off switching to a dedicated log burner, unless you still plan on burning smokeless fuels from time to time.
      Since the Stockton 7 is a discontinued stove of ours, it does not appear that we still supply the smoke control kit for it unfortunately. Ultimately if you want to lower emissions to the absolute minimum the newer Ecodesign models are so much more efficient than old non-ecodesign stoves, and most come ready for use in smoke control areas without any additional kit, so could be worth considering if it’s time for an upgrade.
      Hope this helps.
      Best wishes, Chris

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi I am awaiting a Stockton 5 wood burner. Please can you give me an estimate as to when this will be available to retailers as it is out of stock? As I am awaiting to have one fitted. Many thanks! Any update will be greatly appreciated

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Michelle, it’ll depend on which retailer the order is with and when it was placed so we’d usually advise you check with your retailer as they’ll have been provided the latest stock updates.

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