Benefits of a double-sided stove or fire

Benefits of a double-sided stove or fire

A double-sided stove or fire offers a creative way of interconnecting two rooms, while heating two spaces at once. Here are the benefits of installing a double-sided stove or fire in your home.

Heat two rooms at once

One of the main benefits of a double-sided stove or fire is that it will heat two rooms at once. If your home has an open plan feel, with walls to separate areas like this minimalist home, a double-sided fire like the Stovax Studio Duplex wood burning fire helps to warm multiple living spaces. You also only need one flue to fit the fire. (Read more about this stylish home designed by Scenario Architecture here).

An artistic feature to interconnect two rooms

If you are looking for a way to join two spaces, a double-sided stove or fire can create both a central focal point and a connecting feature. If you don’t have an open plan layout, you can achieve a similar look by creating an opening in the wall between two rooms.

Can be viewed from either side

A double-sided stove or fire allows you to enjoy the flame visuals from either side, making a stunning statement to two interior spaces. They can only be installed where there is a central chimney between two adjoining rooms, but if you don’t have a chimney, you may be able to have a pre-fabricated system fitted which works in the same way an ordinary chimney would and could allow you more flexibility regarding placement of the stove.

Available as both wood burning and gas fuel types

You can find double-sided stoves and fires in both wood burning and gas fuel types.

Wood burning: One example is the Stockton double-sided. Enjoy twice the comfort and twice the view of your fire with Stovax’s Stockton double-sided wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. Using one central chimney, the doors to both the back and the front of the stove are designed to open into adjacent rooms.

Gas: An example of a gas double-sided fire is the Duplex, available in the Studio 2 size. The Gazco Studio Duplex double-sided gas fire is a much-desired solution in having the best of both worlds. With a wealth of frame options to choose from, the Studio 2 Duplex gas fire can be styled completely independently on either side to maximise the potential of your own decorative tastes.

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    Can you please give me a price for the double sided word burner stove – the one that goes into a wall

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