Spring into 2017’s trends

Spring into 2017’s trends

Our Interiors Expert, Hannah Stone, gives advice for how to keep up with this year’s interior design trends with your stove or fire.

With spring in the air and longer days now here, many of us will be thinking about refreshing our homes. This year brings a host of new and exciting interior design colours and textures, and for those that love to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion, Stovax has the perfect solutions for you to stay on-trend. Our Interiors Expert, Hannah Stone, gives advice for how to keep up with this year’s interior design trends with your stove or fire.

Artisan design and natural materials
As artisan design and natural materials make their mark on home interiors this year, 2017 provides the ideal opportunity to explore Stovax’s range of Classic Fireplaces and Stone Mantels. Hannah Stone, our Interiors Expert, firmly believes ‘a wood burning stove or cassette fire within a stone mantel adheres to this year’s natural trend, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.’

Make your fire a real feature of your living space; marry the traditionalism of Stovax’s Stone Mantels with contemporary furnishing patterns to blend past with present, or consider the Stovax Art Noveau Tiled Convector fireplace which harks back to the creative influence of artisans such as Galle, Tiffany and Lalique.

Texture and patterns
This year is all about being bold and mixing textures and patterns. Hannah comments that ‘botanically patterned cushions and soft furnishings upholstered in more natural materials such as linen or cotton are on-trend this year. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures – juxtaposing stripes with florals is in!’

For those of you looking for texture as your focal point, consider fires such as the Gazco Studio Slimline – a highly efficient fire with beautiful flames – with a Monaco surround option to really make a statement. The concrete grey finish adds muted texture to your interior, but can be painted with water based paints to suit any décor. If wood burning is your preference, consider the Lotus Sola stove. There are two models available: the Lotus Sola Steel and the Lotus Sola Indian Night Stone. The grain of the Indian Night Stone finish is a great way to bring a sense of nature indoors, whilst the Steel finish offers a subtle matt texture.

If a more traditional look is what you would like to achieve, introduce natural texture by opting for a limestone or antique white marble stone mantel. Stovax’s Stone Mantels will feature their own natural veining within the stone – and possibly even small fossils in the limestone which will only add to the charm!

Bringing the outside in
Although the Pantone Colour of the Year is bright green, or ‘Greenery’, 2017 sees a general trend of bringing the outside, indoors. With blues and greens at the forefront of the colour palette, complement your new botanical print upholstery and house plants with your stove by opting for an alternative colour. The wood burning Stockton stoves, for example, come in a variety of finishes, including metallic green and metallic blue – both colours which are very much in vogue.

Another way to bring nature into your living space in 2017 is to make the most of reflective surfaces – catching a glimpse of your garden in a mirror, or the plants on the coffee table in the reflection of the frame of your fire can be all that is needed to subtly introduce the outdoors into your everyday living. Consider fires such as the Gazco Riva2 500 Evoke Glass or the Gazco Radiance wall-mounted Glass that offer a sleek, reflective finish to their frames. The Radiance wall-mounted Glass also comes in a white glass finish, and with the option to select flickering blue flames, coupled with the Chromalight backlighting feature, you can bring blues into an otherwise neutral space.

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Posted by on March 29, 2017

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