Beautiful Gas Fireplaces to Suit Your Home

Beautiful Gas Fireplaces to Suit Your Home

Gas fireplaces offer the best of both worlds - stunning, real flame visuals and the convenience of instant heat at the touch of a button. At Gazco, we have developed a huge range of high efficiency gas fires to meet a variety of different style and installation requirements, meaning that you can be sure you’ll find a fire to suit your needs. Read on to find your perfect gas fireplace.

Designer gas fireplaces

Our huge range of built-in gas fires gives you the freedom to create a striking focal point in your home, with different frames, linings, and fuel beds depending on the range. Available in conventional flue for homes with chimneys and balanced flue for homes without, these stylish gas fires offer luxury aesthetics, excellent heating performance, and installation versatility.

Landscape fires such as our glass-fronted Studio Gas range make for a striking hole-in-the-wall fireplace, with a choice of log, pebble, and driftwood fuel effects available alongside a host of framing and lining options. Providing sweeping flame visuals combined with modern, minimalist looks, these gas fires make a statement in any setting.

Taller format gas fires such as the Reflex 75T pair beautifully with our range of stone mantels for a more traditional installation. But this fire, along with the larger Reflex 105, also works perfectly as a hole-in-the wall fireplace – with a range of frame styles to enhance its presence. Reflex gas fireplaces can be tailored to suit your installation with different linings such as Brick-effect and Ledgestone-effect working perfectly in classic settings. Alternatively, the contemporary EchoFlame Black Glass lining will enhance the depth of the incredibly realistic flame picture.

For an eye-catching, bespoke installation, why not consider a multi-sided gas fire such as the Reflex 75T-2 and 75T-3. These stylish gas fires offer two or three-sided flame visuals, which can be viewed from any angle in the room.

If you don’t quite have the space for our larger gas fires but are longing after their designer styling options, check out our Riva2 gas fire range. Ranging from the compact Riva2 400 to the 750HL, there is a size to fit almost any setting, with each featuring a hand-painted log effect and a variety of linings and framing styles.

Slimline gas fires for cavity wall installations

Slimline gas fires are a great choice if your room cannot accommodate a full-depth gas fireplace or you don’t have an existing chimney breast to house the fire. These balanced flue fires have been specially designed to fit into an external cavity wall with the internal leaf removed. Their shallow depth is absorbed by the wall, meaning in some cases, such as the Studio Slimline range, there is no need for a false fireplace to be constructed against the wall to house the fire.

Other cavity wall gas fires include the balanced flue Riva2 500HL Slimline, which protrudes just 75mm into the room. This fire gives you the option of constructing a shallow false chimney breast to achieve the fireplace aesthetic without the depth. Alternatively, the stylish Esprit surround can also be used to house the frontal depth of the fire without the need for additional building work.

Gas Fires for 16” Fireplaces

Our range of Logic HE gas fires are perfect for 16” builder’s openings, found in many homes across the UK and Ireland. These fires are a great solution if you are looking to add a state of the art gas fire to your home with minimal building work, and can often be slotted straight into an existing fireplace. Whether you opt for a wood or coal Logic gas fire, our Logic HE range provides all the features you’d expect from a Gazco gas fire, including highly realistic fuel effects, remote control options, and a huge range of styling options to suit modern or traditional tastes. These gas fires are available in conventional and balanced flue, allowing them to be installed with or without a chimney.

Visit your local Gazco gas fire retailer

The best place to find out more about Gazco gas fires and see them burning is your local retailer’s showroom. Experts in Gazco products and their installation, these trusted retailers can answer any questions you might have and make your dream gas fireplace a reality.

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