All new Gazco gas and electric stoves brochure!

All new Gazco gas and electric stoves brochure!

The Gas and Electric stove brochure has been updated with new products for 2018, including the gas Loft range, gas and electric Stockton2 and Marlborough2 stoves, as well as the Vogue Midi electric stove range.

Introducing the Loft Gas Stove Range

With sleek curves and streamlined form, the three-sided Loft adds an all-new Contemporary range to the Gazco gas stove collection.
Ten styling possibilities offer incredible installation versatility, with top and base sections allowing the Loft to create a range of aesthetics from tall and imposing centrepieces to a floating wall mounted installation.

All new Vogue Midi electric stove

The stylish modern traditional Vogue is now available in two electric models, with stunning LED flame and lighting effects. Visuals appear to dance between the logs for a deep, 3D display thanks to the Chromalight Immersive LED system that allows homeowners to independently control flames and fuel bed lighting for the perfect ambience.

Stockton2 & Marlborough2 stoves

The Small & Medium Stockton2 and Marlborough2 gas and electric stoves have also been added to the new brochure, which offer cleaner aesthetics and larger viewing areas for improved flame visuals.

Where can I download the new brochure?

Click the image below to download the latest Gazco gas and electric stoves brochure or you can click here.

Before you select your stove, your local Gazco retailer will need to make sure it’s suitable for your home. Firstly, you need to know what fuel type you will be using. Secondly, you will need to be aware of what type of chimney or flue you have. If you do not have a chimney then don’t worry, Gazco have models developed to suit your home too!

To assist you in selecting the right stove for your home, please visit your local Gazco retailer.

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    Hi. Have you a 2019 brochure please?

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