What is #GreenBritain?

Working in partnership with Certainly Wood we will be planting new woodlands every year and we want you to be part of our #GreenBritain scheme. Trees absorb CO2, and the more we have the better. There are numerous benefits in creating more woodland, including providing a vital ecosystem for flora and fauna, and a means for sustainable and renewable energy. While we all enjoy walking through mature woodland, healthy woodland needs to be well managed. A healthy woodland relies on thinning young trees. This involves cutting out the smaller, weaker trees to allow the others more light so they can grow and expand. It is these thinnings that provide our partner, Certainly Wood, with timber for quality firewood. Managing woodland this way makes wood a great renewable and sustainable fuel, providing us with fuel to heat our homes.

Fire Starter Kit

With every solid fuel stove or fire you register with the Stovax Heating Group, we will jointly plant a tree – and to say thank you, Certainly Wood will send you a Fire Starter Kit, giving you everything you need to get your first fire going, including:

  • Kiln dried logs
  • Kiln dried kindling
  • Box of matches
  • Flamers natural firelighters
  • £20 off voucher for your first order!
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About Certainly Wood

Our recommended fuel supplier, Certainly Wood, is the UK’s largest specialist firewood producer and dedicated to sourcing and producing high quality, Ready to Burn firewood. Certainly Wood pride themselves on making an impact on environmental targets. Having pioneered the kiln drying of firewood in 2006, Certainly Wood worked with HETAS to set up the very first quality standard for firewood, so you can be sure you are buying the best for your wood burning stove. The wood is processed into firewood then dried in their unique wood-fired kilns, which makes use of all their wood waste. Much of their electricity comes from their solar panels.

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About Stovax Heating Group

The Stovax Heating Group is the UK’s largest stove and fireplace manufacturer, designing and distributing high quality wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces to several countries worldwide. With over 38 years of expert craftsmanship, the Stovax Heating Group is proud to be part of the NIBE Stoves group, a market-leading provider of domestic heating products.

We offer the UK’s largest range of Ecodesign stoves and fires. These products provide rolling flames and comforting warmth, whilst lowering emissions to an absolute minimum. These appliances burn much cleaner than old stoves, using 20% less logs than a standard stove to heat your home, and a whopping 70% less than an open fire. The Stovax Heating Group are proud to be part of the ongoing story to support the Government’s Clean Air Strategy, representing the future of wood burning. Our goal is to continue to design stoves and fires with the environment in mind, providing you with heat for your homes for years to come.

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Extended Warranty

With each registration, we will also extend the warranty on your appliance to 5 years – allowing us to take care of you for much longer, too.*

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* The Stovax 2 year warranty can be further extended to a total warranty period of 5 years by registering your appliance within one month of the later of the purchase date or installation date. Any product purchased outside of our Expert Retailer Network will carry a standard 12 month, non-extendable warranty.