Where to buy your Stovax and Gazco stove or fire

Where to buy your Stovax and Gazco stove or fire

The best place to purchase your new Stovax or Gazco stove or fire is from your local, expert retailer. Not only can they show you a range of wood burning, multi-fuel, gas, and electric products from our range, they will also be able to help you pick the right stove or fire for your home and take care of the installation process. Read on to find out more.

How can an expert retailer help you?

When looking for your new stove or fire, you may be surprised at the range of options available. From Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves and fires, to conventional and balanced flue gas appliances, to inset and outset electric fires, there are an incredible variety of products to choose from – in our range alone!

Your local retailer will be able to help you find the right heating product for your home. They will check with you what you want from your stove or fire, and what is most important to you to ensure you get the perfect appliance for your home and needs. They may also be able to organise a physical or virtual site survey, to make sure the stove or fire’s heat output is right for the room.

See our stoves and fires burning

Whilst we try very hard to demonstrate the magnificent flame visuals and styling options of our stoves and fires through our website and brochures, we know that it can really help to have them demonstrated to you.

Visiting your local showroom, physically or virtually, lets you get a better appreciation for our products. Please remember to contact your retailer before visiting to check if you need to make an appointment due to any local lockdown restrictions.

Your local retailer will be able to offer you showroom exclusive fires and stoves

A number of our Stovax and Gazco wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric fires and stoves are not available online and can only be purchased through your local retailer’s showroom. This makes your local retailer the best place to purchase from our full range of fires and stoves.

Professional, bespoke installation and aftersales support

Whether you choose a wood burning or gas stove or fireplace, your expert retailer will be able to organise for a professional installer to fit your appliance. Gas stoves and fires must be fitted by a registered Gas Safe engineer, whereas wood burning stoves and fires need to be installed by a HETAS registered installer. Correct installation of gas or solid fuel stoves and fires is not only important to make sure they work properly but also so that they are safe to use.

Your local retailer will be able to handle all aspects of arranging the installation of your new Stovax or Gazco fire or stove, and also be able to provide any aftersales support and servicing your appliance may require in the future.

Your local retailer can enable you to extend your warranty 

When you purchase your gas or wood burning stove or fire through one of our trusted retailers, you will be able to register your product for the appropriate 5 year extended warranty. Electric stoves and fires can be registered for a 2 year extended warranty when purchased through your local retailer. Our extended warranties give you complete peace of mind that your stove or fire will provide years of enjoyment.              

You could win the cost of your stove or fire back!

Even better, when you register for your extended warranty, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win the cost of your product back! To find out more click here.

We have a huge network of Expert Retailers across the UK and Ireland meaning it’s more than likely your local Stovax or Gazco showroom is closer than you think! Simply visit our Find a Retailer page and enter your postcode or town to see your nearest local retailers.

10 responses to “Where to buy your Stovax and Gazco stove or fire”

  1. Chris says:

    Do I have to replace the coals in my fire the same configuration as I take them out
    Also do I need to use the same coals

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hello, yes the coals should be replaced in the same configuration which is outlined in the maintenance/servicing section of the user manual. If required, replacement coal sets can be purchased from our spares website: http://www.gazcospares.com

  2. Chris says:

    Is there a spec sheet for the boiler guy so he can see the pressures and service recommendations

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hello, thanks for your query. I’m not sure what model you have but installation and user manuals for each appliance are available from our technical information area and these should include the servicing recommendations for that particular appliance. Many thanks

  3. Arlene Fairfield says:

    I live in Seattle, WA USA and am interested in purchasing a gas stove. How do I do that? thank you.

  4. Bret Tidwell says:

    I’ve not been able to find a dealer that can acquire Stovax in the USA. I own a custom home construction company and work with many fireplace dealers. Would it be possible to open a dealership in the US or import your fireplaces directly. Currently there are no linear stoves available in the US although I know for certain many homeowners are looking for one. Thank you for your time.

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Bret, thanks for your message. Unfortunately Stovax do not supply any wood burning appliances in the USA or have any distributors there as they are made to comply with UK/EU specification only. However, our sister company Regency Fire (https://www.regency-fire.com/) do distribute a selection of Gazco’s electric products in the USA and Canada.
      Best wishes, Chris

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