What are the benefits of an electric log burner?

What are the benefits of an electric log burner?

An electric fire has many benefits, from convenience to ease of installation. Here is some advice to help you decide if an electric log burner is for you.

Visuals without heat

If you enjoy the look of a fireplace and wish you could enjoy the glow of a fire all year round were it not for summer, an electric fire is the answer.

Gazco’s electric fire and stove range offer you the ability to switch on the heat for localised heating in the colder months, but also lets you switch off the heat to enjoy the visuals alone.

Instant heat

Electric fires offer instant heat at the touch of a button. Only requiring an ordinary three-pin plug socket to connect to the mains, an electric log burner is ultra-easy to install. Freestanding versions can generally be moved from room to room, simply plugging into the mains. Hang-on-the-wall models can also be hung in different rooms if required. Electric fires that have been recessed into the wall may need a bit more installation work to remove or refit, but ultimately all require the same simply plug-and-go connection to mains electricity.

Log-effect look

Electric fires and stoves come in different shapes and sizes, and many offer log-effect fuel effects. For a more traditional log burning look, an electric wood burner such as the Huntingdon electric stove emulates a real glowing fire. Alternatively, electric fires such as the Skope present a more contemporary take on a wood burning look, with realistic logs yet offering a whole spectrum of coloured uplighting.

Alternative fuel effects

One major benefit from an electric fire or stove is that many now offer alternative fuel effects. If you have a particularly modern home, you may be looking for something different from a log burning look. Models such as the Gazco Vogue Midi Electric come with the option to switch the logs for the crystal ice-effect instead. Along with this, the Vogue Midi Electric stove lets you choose from 13 different fuel bed lighting colours, meaning you can opt for something that matches your colour scheme while creating a striking centrepiece.

Whichever option you are most interested in, visit your local retailer who can advise you further.

10 responses to “What are the benefits of an electric log burner?”

  1. Janette Goodchild says:

    Hello! I’d be really grateful if someone could contact me about the ‘finishes’ on your electric log fires. I can see that you do white but would like to know if it is possible to get any other finish effects, for example, wood. Could someone contact me please?

    • Dan says:

      Thank you for your query. Our versatile electric fires mean that you can install them with almost any finish you can think of on the housing of the fire. For example, you could install either a Skope Inset or the three-sided Skope Outset fires with a white Trento surround. Alternatively, some models in our Radiance fire range can be selected with a metal or glass frame to enhance the look of the fire. We recommend you contact your local retailer who will be able to talk through and create bespoke installation options for you to suit your requirements. The beauty of electric fires is they are so versatile, almost anything is possible!

  2. Chris Ward says:

    Do you need heat proof recess for an electric log burner installation?

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Afternoon Chris,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

      We advise that all combustible materials must be 1m away from any electrical appliance.

      We hope this helped,

  3. Anna Hines says:

    Do your electric fires work on convection only, as in basically like a fan heater?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Anna, thanks for your comment. All our electric products feature fan heaters which turn on or off to reach your desired ambient temperature, which can be easily adjusted using the remote control.
      Best wishes, Stovax & Gazco

  4. Bernard says:

    Hello, can an electric wood burning stove be plugged into a simple timer which is then plugged into a 3 pin socket? If not, do models exist that offer this functionality built in? Thank you.

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Bernard, thanks for your comment. You could however you would still need to press the on button on the remote each time for the heater to turn on, and we don’t recommend cutting the power without properly turning the fire to standby mode, as this could damage the internal componenets. Luckily all of our electric models have this functionality built in to the remote controls which you can use to achieve the same thing.
      Best wishes, Chris

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Posted by on May 20, 2019

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