Electric stoves and fires – top 5!

Electric stoves and fires – top 5!

If you are considering purchasing an electric stove or fire for your home, we have listed our top 5 models to consider. With instant heat, this fuel source is almost suitable for every home home and almost any room! During the warmer summer months, you can enjoy the beautiful look and atmosphere of a real wood burning stove or fire with or without the heat!

Our electric stoves and fires are not just suitable for lounges but for studies, kitchens, conservatories and even bedrooms! You can now enjoy those coming chilly summer evenings…

1. Vogue Electric Stove

Whether inserted into an existing fireplace or located ‘freestanding’ in the room, the Vogue electric stove can simply be plugged in and enjoyed immediately creating instant atmosphere. This recent addition to the contemporary electric stove range creates deep, captivating, 3D flame effects with incredible realism.

Available in two models including the taller Midline log store version, this contemporary electric stove comes with a programmable thermostatic eco remote, allowing you to schedule heating to suit your lifestyle.

You can download the latest Gazco stove and electric brochure here.

2. Skope 75W electric fire

Skope Outset electric fires allow you to create a bespoke two-sided or three-sided installation, for a unique focal point that provides a panoramic view of the stunning visuals.

The Gazco Skope 75W electric fire features superb flame visuals that can be viewed from any angle thanks to its multi-side flame visuals. Its programmable thermostatic eco handset gives you full control over the fire’s host of features. Flames, fuel bed lighting and ambient heating can all be controlled independently to create the desired atmosphere, with or without heat. Innovative energy saving features let you ‘set and forget’ your Skope to turn heating on or off automatically, as well as intelligently manage the heat output to minimise energy use, so you can completely immerse yourself in the visual effects.

You can download the latest Skope electric fires brochure here.

3. Huntingdon electric stove

Featuring traditional ‘Gothic” styling, the Huntingdon electric stove incorporates Gazco’s unique Gazco’s VeriFlame™ technology. This cast iron electric stove provides highly realistic fuel bed and individually hand painted logs, perfectly mirroring the look and atmosphere of a real wood burning stove.

Available in a range of finishes and styling options, the Huntingdon electric stove is available in both wood burning and gas stove models.

You can download the latest Gazco stove and electric brochure here.

4. Radiance electric fires

Featuring beautiful frames and eye-catching fuel effects, the breathtaking Radiance electric fires combine striking aesthetics and cutting edge technology, letting you instantly transform any interior. Available in both wall mounted and inset options, these electric fires come with a thermostatic remote control – allowing you full control over the fire’s host of features, including temperature control as well as flame brightness levels and colours.

To set the ambience of a room, the wall mounted Radiance electric fire features Gazco’s state-of-the-art Chromalight® LED backlighting on both Glass and Steel frames.

Both wall mounted 50W electric fires and inset 50R fires are currently available on the ‘Small Fire, Big Savings’ promotion, ending on June 3rd 2019. Take advantage of this offer by visiting your Gazco retailer.

You can download the latest Radiance electric fire brochure here.

5. Stockton electric stove

Featuring a stunning cast iron door and heavy gauge steel body, the Stockton electric stove combines the classic looks of a wood burning stove with the ease of Gazco’s unique Gazco’s VeriFlame™ technology. To create a remarkable authentic log-effect fire, there is an option for a blue flame effect on the highest heat setting which can be thermostatically controlled. This popular range of electric stoves will suit both contemporary and traditional interiors.. You can choose from three electric stove sizes: Stockton2 Small, Stockton 5.

Download the latest electric stove brochure here.

To find out more about the range of electric stoves and fires featured here, please visit your local Gazco retailer.

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    I would like to speak to someone regarding a price for the ivory electric huntingdon plain glass fire please

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