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Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with Brick-effect lining

Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with Black Reeded lining shown with Valencia Crema Polished fireplace surround tiles

Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with Ledgestone effect lining lining shown with Cavendish Bolection limestone

Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with black glass lining

Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with Brick-effect lining

Gazco Riva2 500 Edge gas fire with Brick-effect lining

Riva2 500 Edge Gas Fires

The frameless aesthetic of the Gazco Riva2 500 Edge allows you to create a chic, minimalist look whilst simultaneously bringing a focus to the beautiful flames and glowing ember bed of this highly efficient gas fire.

The simple, clean lines of this ‘hole in the wall’ fire can be further enhanced by creating a feature wall from Gazco’s carefully selected range of fireplace tile surround packages. This contemporary collection of porcelain and natural stone tiles are the perfect complement to the modern aesthetics of the Riva2 500 Edge and an ideal way to redress a standard 22” wide fireplace opening.

Additionally, choose from one of five lining choices, each is designed to provide a different look for your fire and offers you more versatility to achieve the look that’s right for you.

The Riva2 500 gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete control over your fire.

Visit our Riva2 500 gas fires page for further information.

Key Facts

Fuel BedLogs
LiningsBrick Effect, Black Reeded, Black Glass, Ledgestone Effect Lining
Command ControlsProgrammable Thermostatic remote control
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue

Riva2 500 Gas Fires

The Gazco Riva2 500 has been specifically proportioned to fit a standard 22" wide British fireplace, offering you greater opportunity to introduce a stunning gas fire into your home with complete ease of installation.

Offering up to 4.90kW of high efficiency heat output, the Riva2 500 will provide cosy warmth for those cold winter evenings as well as the ambiance of a highly realistic log-effect fire with glowing ember bed. The Riva2 500 also comes with a Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control to give you complete control over your gas fire from your sofa, for the ultimate in convenience and relaxation!

Visit our Riva2 500 gas fires page for further information.

Full range of Riva2 500 Gas Fires...

Riva2 500 Edge Information

Fire ChoicesHeat OutputWidthHeightFlue DiameterEfficiencyEnergy Efficiency**
Riva2 500 - Conventional Flue4.5kW550mm388mmTop 127mm (5")76%D
Riva2 500 - Balanced Flue4.90kW550mm388mmTop 152mm (6")93.9%A

**When used with Programmable Thermostatic Upgradeable remote control

Riva2 500 Edge Dimensions
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