No Space for A Designer Gas Fire? No Problem!

No Space for A Designer Gas Fire? No Problem!

Landscape gas fires bring many things to an interior. Stunning flames, superb styling and high efficiency heat, to name just a few.

But what if you just don’t have enough space to fit a designer gas fire? Perhaps you want to add a gas fire to an extension, or maybe your home is a new build – and there is no chimney to speak of, let alone the floor space needed to site a full-depth gas fire.

If this sounds familiar, then read on. We’ve got a few slim depth gas fire options you won’t want to miss. Thanks to their shallow depth, you won’t have to rejig your layout. And what’s more, these versatile gas fires use a balanced flue, meaning you won’t need a chimney to expel combustion gases.

Studio Slimline Gas Fires

These innovative gas fires are a shallower version of our larger Studio Gas fire range. Offering the Studio range’s signature landscape proportions, superb flames, and fuel effects, Studio Slimline gas fires have one additional unique benefit. These fires are engineered to be installed into the internal leaf of an exterior wall. The upside of this type of fire is that its depth is entirely housed by the wall, meaning there is no need to build a non-combustible faux chimney breast usually required for this type of installation.

Studio Slimline fires come in two sizes to suit your wall space and heating requirements. Thanks to an array of different options, you can customise your fire to perfectly suit your décor. Choose from a variety of inspiring frames in glass and steel, as well as various fuel beds including logs and stones.

Installation Versatility

To make it even easier to install a Studio Slimline, we designed a Zero Clearance (ZC) range. These stylish frame options feature a heat-shielding box behind the fire to prevent the surrounding wall temperature from rising. The ZC reduces installation work because there’s no need to replace the surrounding internal plasterboard with non-combustible materials.

Studio Slimline Monaco Surround

If you’re keen to minimise building work entirely, or just prefer the Scandi look, check out our Studio Slimline 1 Monaco. This contemporary concrete surround option means there is no wall cavity hole needed to house the fire and also offers a stylish focal point that can be configured in various different designs.

Other Slimline gas fire options

If you don’t mind your gas fire protruding a little into your room, Gazco also makes a stunning portrait fire: The Riva2 500HL Slimline. Like the Studio Slimline fires above, these fires also fit into a cavity wall with the internal leaf removed. Their slightly deeper proportions require just the front 75mm of the fire to be housed in either a non-combustible faux chimney breast or the fire’s optional attractive Esprit surround.

Contact your local retailer to find out more about any of the stylish cavity wall gas fires mentioned above. They will be able to answer any installation questions you might have and also conduct a site survey to work out every little detail.


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