Best electric fireplace feature wall

Best electric fireplace feature wall

It’s right on trend to have an electric feature fire, especially as they offer a huge amount of versatility for installation in the home. From media walls and TV installations, to making a corner space come to life, we explain the eReflex range below and what makes it the best electric fire for your new feature fireplace wall.

In, or out?

The eReflex range is offered in a variety of Inset and Outset models, which gives you a host of options when it comes to your feature fireplace.

Inset models fit flush into the wall, which works perfectly for media walls and TV installations – especially when the desired look is a completely seamless integration with the rest of the room.

eReflex 135R electric fire, from Gazco. Shown as TV feature fireplace wall.

There are a number of inset models in the eReflex range, from the ultra-wide landscape 195R, to the smaller 55R which offers portrait proportions. With so many sizing options available, there is sure to be an inset model to suit your electric fireplace feature wall aspirations.

Outset versions of the eReflex electric fire also come in a variety of different sizes, and make it possible for you to have a corner fireplace. Allow yourself to get experimental with design, building your fire into dividing features in a room – or, use the convenient yet stylish Trento suite for an incredibly easy installation. The Trento suite allows you to easily hang your eReflex directly to the wall, and comes as centralised or offset left and right versions.

Left: eReflex 55W, with Crystal-Ice effect, shown fitted into a bespoke wall installation.
Right: eReflex 110W, fitted into a corner with an offset Trento Suite.

The electric effect

If you’re opting for a media wall or feature fireplace you’re
going to want a soothing and mesmerising flame effect from the electric fire
you choose.

The eReflex range from Gazco offers a state-of-the-art flame effect, allowing you to cycle through 13 different fuel bed colours and choose a hue to suit your mood or décor. Plus, each eReflex comes with a selection of fuel effects – the highly realistic log effect on a bed of clear and grey pebbles, and the Crystal-Ice effect which offers an ultra-contemporary look.

Your Local Retailer

For more information on this designer electric fire range, speak to your local retailer who can discuss your fireplace feature wall requirements in more detail and arrange a viewing when they re-open for business!

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