NEW FOR 2021, the Gazco eStudio Electric Fire Range!

NEW FOR 2021, the Gazco eStudio Electric Fire Range!

Looking for a cutting-edge, realistic electric fire, perfect for media wall installations? Look no further. The eStudio combines stunning flame visuals with a choice of fuel-effects — in a versatile, fit-anywhere format.

Inspiring flame and lighting effects

The eStudio electric built-in fire range couples mesmerising visuals with highly realistic fuel-effects to provide a stunning focal point. Featuring our signature technologies, flame and ember lighting effects are created with our advanced Chromalight Immersive LED Systems®, which give you the freedom to design your own display.

To get the ambience just right, tall flames can be tailored with three different combinations of varying natural tones and intensities, from deep amber to golden yellow.

Chromalight up-lighting enhances the view, illuminating the fuel bed from below with either a natural amber glow or a palette of vibrant colours to suit your mood. Each can be adjusted with a choice of brightness levels – or set to the colour changing Spectrum mode.

Extraordinarily realistic, glowing logs and embers

eStudio electric fires feature a choice of realistic log and ember effects which look just like those you’d find in a wood burning fire.

Each eStudio inset electric fire comes with a highly realistic log set that can be swapped for the optional Silver Birch log set. This alternative fuel-effect lets you customise your eStudio to create a slightly different, but equally captivating display.

Designing our logs to look as realistic as possible was a painstaking process, but replicating the texture and grain of real wood was only the start.

Thanks to state-of-the-art engineering techniques, sections of the eStudio’s log-effects allow the fire’s flame and ember bed lighting to glow through the logs as if they were truly burning.

Beneath the eStudio’s log-effects are a bed of glowing, realistic embers complete with an ash-like coating. Like the log-effects, the eStudio’s ember media allows the glowing and darkening up-lighting to shine through areas of the fuel effects – creating a life-like ember bed.

Enhance your fire’s ambience

eStudio electric fires can be upgraded with an LED Mood Lighting System that can be easily installed with the fire. Featuring a 3 metre LED strip which connects via an easily hidden cable, the Mood Lighting System provides 13 different LED colours that can be set to match the eStudio’s Chromalight fuel bed lighting colours. Fit the flexible LED strip under or over shelves, in chimney breasts or around a TV to provide additional ambience.

Control everything from the sofa

Our advanced Programmable Thermostatic Eco remote control means there’s no need to get up. Cycle through flame and fuel bed lighting colours and brightness levels, and program your electric fire to follow a daily or weekly heating schedule, all without leaving your favourite chair.

Packed with features, the eStudio’s remote control lets you pre-set your electric fire to raise the room’s temperature within the heating range of 15°C and 25°C degrees. Also included are handy energy-saving functions, such as Open Window Detection. There is even an Adaptive Start feature – a setting that lets you heat your room in advance to make your life that little bit cosier!

Three inset fire sizes to choose from

eStudio inset electric fires come in three different sizes to suit a huge range of living spaces. Whether you plan to create a media wall with your eStudio or want your fire to take centre stage, their depth makes these electric fires an excellent choice for any room, particularly where floor space is in short supply.

Where to buy your eStudio electric fire

The Gazco eStudio electric fire range is exclusively available from our Expert Retailers’ showrooms. To view or purchase an eStudio electric fire, contact your local Gazco retailer. They will be able to answer any installation queries you may have, as well as offer guidance on sizing your fire to your room or TV.

21 responses to “NEW FOR 2021, the Gazco eStudio Electric Fire Range!”

  1. tom barclay says:

    Hi can you get the bauhaus fronts for the inset electric 85R fires?

  2. Peter Brady says:

    i need exact installation instructions and detailed dimensions for eStudio 85R as i have just ordered this from
    WH Supplies Ford West Sussex BN18 0BH.

  3. Maria Abson says:

    Does this fire come with a warranty?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi there, thanks for your message. These fires come with a 1 year warranty which can be extended to 2 years by registering your product with us after purchasing. Hope this answers your question.
      Many thanks, Chris

  4. J Wilson says:

    Hi, when will your e studio 135r be available to purchase?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi there, thanks for your message. I’m pleased to hear you are considering an eStudio 135R, it’s a great choice! eStudio electric fires are available now from your local retailer. You can find your nearest one here.
      Thanks, Chris

  5. Danny R says:

    Hi, what is the difference between this model (eStudio) and the eReflex?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. This gets asked this a lot so we’ve tried to cover the differences between the eStudio and eReflex in our blog post here. Both offer great quality flame and ember effects and we’d recommend seeing them both up close at your retailer to help you decide.
      Many thanks, Chris

  6. Jules says:

    Hi, when will the eStudio 135r be available to purchase please?

  7. Carol Edwards says:

    Hi do gazco do any wall mounted electric fires please

  8. P Clairmont says:

    How much roughly is it to install one of your inset electric fires please?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment. It varies depending on the installation. The fires themselves are simply plug and play, but you’d need to factor in costs of any additional building work i.e. studwork needed to accomodate the fire and whether you’re contracting a builder to do this work or doing it yourself. Alternatively, many of our retailers are able to offer this kind of service as part of the price. You can find your nearest retailer here.
      Best wishes, Chris

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