Introducing the Gazco Reflex 105 Gas Fire

Introducing the Gazco Reflex 105 Gas Fire

Dancing flames. A glowing ember bed. Logs that look as real as, well… the real thing. These are all the elements that make the Reflex 105 so realistic, you may find it hard to believe it’s a gas fire.

Stunning flames

Three carefully positioned burners ensure beautifully natural flames throughout the Reflex 105’s fuel bed. Dual flame ports allow you to adjust the level of the front or rear flames , from a lazy burn to dramatic blaze.

Ultra-realistic logs

The natural beauty of burning logs is one of the most charming elements of a wood fire.  Expert crafting techniques make the Reflex 105 gas fire’s log-effect indiscernible from natural logs, capturing every minute detail of the texture and grain. Flames from the hidden burners flow around the log-effect just like a real fire.

Glowing EmberLight bed

Encouraging intimate conversation and quiet reflection, a glowing hearth bathes the room in relaxing ambiance. The Reflex 105’s innovative EmberLight bed combines adjustable LED lighting with glass ember-effects, creating an immersive display which can be experienced with or without the flames – letting you enjoy the Reflex’s glow all year round.

A fire for every home

Offered in conventional and balanced flue models, this versatile gas fire can be installed in houses with or without a chimney. And even if you aren’t on the gas line, our LPG version means you can still enjoy the Reflex 105.

Choose the backdrop to the flames

Three lining choices let you set the stage for the 105’s spectacular flame visuals. Ledgestone-effect and Brick-effect linings offer a classical backdrop that offsets the fire’s modern looks. The striking EchoFlame Black Glass reflects the flames on all sides for a deeper picture.

Style your fire to suit

The Reflex 105 gas fire is designed as an Edge model for a hole-in-the-wall installation that seamlessly integrates with your interior. A suite of styling possibilities lets you further personalise your gas fire to your specifications. Various surround options transform and enhance the 105’s landscape proportions including the glass Icon XS frame and elegant stone Sorrento surrounds.

Complete Harmony

Gazco’s Harmony10 control system gives you total control over the Reflex 105’s host of features. Ignite and adjust the front and rear flames, or tweak the brightness of the ambient EmberLight LED fuel bed. You can also use the handset to program your fire with daily scheduling to suit your lifestyle, as well as activate the EcoFlex gas saving mode.

And when you choose the optional Wi-Fi connectivity, these cutting edge gas fires can also be controlled using the MyFire app on your iPhone or Android device. The MyFire app also gives you additional Eco Flex gas saving settings.

EcoFlex Gas Saving

Reflex fires can be set to lower gas usage with the EcoFlex gas saving mode. This mode modulates flame height by almost imperceptible degrees, lowering gas usage whilst maintaining the natural rise and fall of a real wood fire.

With the Myfire Wi-Fi app, you can fine-tune the Reflex’s EcoFlex gas saving mode. Switch between low, medium and high settings that save up to 45% gas and record your favourite settings for quick start-up.

See it burning

The Reflex 105 gas fire’s spectacular flame visuals are impossible to capture in a still image. To experience these stunning fires, view our Reflex video here or visit your local retailer.

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