How to Clean Your Gazco Electric Fire

How to Clean Your Gazco Electric Fire

Electric fires offer breath-taking flame effects with minimal effort – you simply switch on,  sit down and relax. This is one of their main attractions, with beautiful flames often at the touch of a button without the ash and dust of an open fire. But like many things, a little TLC occasionally will keep everything running smoothly and looking great. This blog explains how you can quickly clean out any dust from your electric fire to keep it looking as impressive the day it was installed.


Before undertaking any kind of maintenance on your electric fire – make sure the fire is completely off and unplugged from the mains supply. If you have been using the heating function, ensure you leave enough time for the fire to be completely cool before touching any part.

Cleaning the glass

What you’ll need: A soft damp cloth and a dry lint free cloth.

Once the fire is cool to touch, you can start giving it a spring clean. If you need to remove marks on the glass panel, use a damp cloth and buff dry with a lint free duster. Make sure you don’t use abrasive cleaners on the glass, or spray liquids on any part of the fire.

Cleaning the air inlets

What you’ll need: A dry soft lint free cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Over time the air inlets in your fire may become dusty, which can impact its performance. You may need to remove your fire’s decorative trim to access these. The trim is sometimes held on by magnets and removes with a gentle pull – if in doubt consult your instruction manual. Clean the air vents using either a soft lint free cloth or the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the fuel effects

What you’ll need: A dry soft lint free cloth and soft towel (to place the glass on).

Depending on the levels of dust in the environment, you may need to clean the fuel effects from time to time to keep them looking bright and eye-catching. To do this, you will need to remove your fire’s glass. If you have not already, you may also need to remove the trim (see “Cleaning the air inlets” above).

Some electric fires feature a clamp at the top of each corner of the glass. Make sure the glass is supported and unscrew the clamp on each side. On Skope and Radiance models, clamps can be unscrewed with just your finger tips. Carefully tip the glass forward and lift out to remove, placing it on a towel.

Remove each fuel effect and using your lint free cloth brush away any dust particles. If necessary, you can wash the fuel effects with water. Before replacing the fuel effects, make sure they are completely dry. You may need to refer to your fire’s installation instructions to arrange the effects to provide the correct flame effect.

Once you are happy with the fuel effect arrangement, replace the glass, supporting the panel whilst you fasten the clamps to ‘finger tight’. Replace the decorative trim by carefully slotting it into position. Your Gazco electric fire is now ready to enjoy!


4 responses to “How to Clean Your Gazco Electric Fire”

  1. Brad shoesmith says:

    Hi I am after purchasing a gazco fire but I am unsure on the difference between the two fires you have on offer skope/edge inset?
    I am after a 105 fire which is inset and has the wooden style logs. Information on the difference between the both would be great or which fire comes with the logs or do both?
    Many thanks

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Morning Brad,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

      The Skope/eReflex – has three flame options and it comes with a choice of fuel-bed options – logs, grey & clear pebbles and large & small crystals.
      The Skope/eReflex is available as a 105R (this is an Edge style) with logs. The Radiance 105R does not come with the logs but has stone or crushed glass fuel bed options.

      I hope this helps,

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