Going gas with a Marlborough2 Stove

Going gas with a Marlborough2 Stove

Looking for a gas stove that can suit any kind of interior design? Enter the Gazco Marlborough2 gas stove range. Find out more by reading this useful blog.

Suited to both country styling or the modern city home, the Marlborough2 Gas stove range from Gazco offers versatility to suit any lifestyle or décor. This stove is offered in two sizes: the Marlborough2 Gas Medium, which offers a 5.4kW heat output, and the Marlborough2 Gas Small, which provides a 3.3kW heat output.

The Marlborough2 Gas Small stove is narrower than the Medium making it a cosy addition to country homes, yet still offers a clear view of the dancing flames given its compact size. The Medium version of this gas log burner offers a wider view of the flames, offering an impressively expansive visual, but both bring that same ambience from a real wood fire with their realistic fuel effects.

Marlborough2 Medium Gas Stove

One of the main benefits of this gas stove range is the ultra-convenient heating it brings to your home, thanks to its easy ignition and manual control which gives you heat and flames in an instant.

For even easier controllability, you can upgrade to the Programmable remote handset, which allows you to switch this gas log burner on or off from the comfort of your sofa!

Marlborough2 Small Gas Stove

If you do not have a conventional chimney, the Marlborough2 Gas Stove range is also offered in Balanced Flue versions. This means that the stove vents directly to an outside wall, completely sealed from the room into which it is installed, using a twin walled pipe to draw in the air it needs and expel combustion gases.

If you like the look of this gas log burner range and want to recreate any of these looks in your own home, your approved Stovax & Gazco retailer will be able to help to answer your queries and get your fireplace renovation moving.

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