Why choose a gas fireplace?

Why choose a gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace can look just as stylish as a real wood burning stove, but with a completely different set of benefits. Read on to find out more about why you should choose a gas fireplace.

You do not always need a chimney for a gas fire

Gas fires that are conventional flue need a chimney system to function. If you do not have a chimney already, you may be able to have a flue system fitted in your home. However, some gas fires can be used without a chimney. These are balanced flue gas fires, which allow you to vent directly to an outside wall. You can find out more about how balanced flue gas fireplaces work here. The Reflex 75T is one example of a balanced flue gas fireplace.

They offer instant on-off heat

One of the biggest attractions to a gas log burner is the ability to switch the appliance on or off for instant flames. The Vogue Midi T Highline gas stove from Gazco, for example, can be operated via remote control, making it easy and convenient to use.

Many offer various styling options

Gas fireplaces tend to be very versatile when it comes to styling, especially when the gas fire is a built in version, like the Riva2 400. This gas fire comes with a variety of framing options, including a distinctive Verve XS frame that really stands out from the crowd. This frame can be selected with the optional matching top and base sections, allowing you to opt for a tall aesthetic for enhanced presence.

To find out more about gas fireplaces and what your options are for your home, speak to your local retailer.

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