Stove or fire in your front room not enough? Here’s where else to put one!

Stove or fire in your front room not enough? Here’s where else to put one!

Our top four ideas for where to fit a stove or fire beyond the usual living room or snug

Ideas for where to install your brand new stove or fire

When we think of ‘a cosy night in by the fire’, the image often brought to mind is of a stove or fire in a snug or living room. Perhaps you picture a cat or dog asleep on a rug at the foot of the hearth, or a quaint old man on an armchair warming his slippers. Perhaps you are picturing the well-used stove or fire you already enjoy nightly in your own snug or living room!

But with these pleasant images in mind, we can easily forget that the joy of a fire doesn’t have to be limited to the room you keep your sofa in. Contrary to popular belief, there are many versatile options available for fitting a stove or fire in rooms without a prefabricated chimney. If you’ve been craving relaxing warmth in other areas of your home – crave no longer! Here, we’ll be walking you through some of the other spaces in your property which could make brilliant options for a brand-new stove or fire installation.


Home Office

Since the pandemic, record numbers of people are working from home, and many of us do so from a study or home office. If you’re one such person, you may find yourself missing the heat of the fire in your front room throughout the day. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Your home office is a place where you spend a huge portion of your time, and you should be comfortable while you’re working hard – not just when you stop for an evening’s rest. Adding a cheerful log burner like this Dovre Rock 350 might be just what you need to brighten up your office hours and keep you warm through busy winter afternoons. This is also an economical option for you remote workers out there, as using a stove or fire to heat only the room you’re in will mean you won’t need to keep your central heating on throughout the day.

Perhaps your home office is also a place where you have important in person meetings and interviews. A contemporary gas stove like the premium Onyx Liv3 is perfect for a space built to impress. With balanced and conventional flue options available, this luxury cylindrical stove is as versatile as it is elegant.



Perhaps you have found yourself, on more than one occasion, relaxed and cosy on your couch by the fire. It gets late, and you have to leave the fireside and head up to bed. It’s such a shame to walk away from that relaxing radiant warmth…

If you’ve ever had this experience, why not think about installing a fire where you sleep? Another space in which you spend a vast chunk of each day is your bedroom, and installing a fire there can be a great investment.

Now, we should note that it’s worth exercising some caution here. It isn’t advisable to leave a real fire slumbering through the night as doing so can damage your chimney system. For maximum peace of mind, we suggest electric fires like the Gazco eStudio 135R for bedrooms. Not only do they come with thermostatic control to keep your temperature balanced as you sleep, but an electric fire also provides warm ambient lighting, which is ideal for resting your eyes as you wind down for the night.



There are many reasons someone might opt for a stove in their kitchen. While this is a space that is less likely to get chilly while in use, a big draw for kitchen stove installations is aesthetic appeal. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a cottagecore feel, in which case a traditional log burner like the Stovax County 8 might be just the thing.

But the cottagecore quality isn’t all that a brand-new stove or fire can offer to your kitchen. There are also many contemporarily styled stoves available, which provide a sleeker overtone. If you’re looking to add a splash of chic to your kitchen, perhaps an indulgent gas stove like this Gazco Vogue Midi T Midline is just what you’ve been searching for. As an added adaptability feature, it even comes with modern wall-mounting options.


Dining Room

The fourth place in your home in which you may want to install a stove or fire is your dining room. While this isn’t the first place that jumps to mind when we think of fireside experiences, a wood burning fire makes a fantastic backdrop to any hearty family meal or extravagant dinner party. Take for example this Riva2 55 Woodburning Inset Fire – with its inline design and impressive heat output, your guests will go home raving about more than just the food. There are even multi-fuel models available in the Riva2 range, for those who want to enjoy added flexibility.

Log burners just add to the warmth of great food and better company. They can also give restless pets a place to quietly relax so they won’t be begging your guests for morsels. Last but not least, when you aren’t entertaining, a flickering flame can provide the perfect atmosphere for a romantic meal with your spouse or partner.


Where to Find these Fantastic Stoves and Fires

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