Available styles and designs of boiler stoves

Boiler Stoves

Specifically designed to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements or augment your existing heating system, Stovax incorporates a range of contemporary and traditionally styled boiler stoves.

Selecting from either the Stovax Stockton range or the stylish & contemporary steel View collection, these high output boiler stoves also integrate a riddling grate for multi-fuel use.

Traditional Boiler Stoves

Traditional boiler stove

The traditional high output boiler stoves include a varied range from the largest Stockton 14HB boiler stove to the inset boiler stove, the Stockton 7HBi boiler stove.

Contemporary Boiler Stoves

Contemporary boiler stoves

Stovax’s collection of contemporary high output boiler stoves include the inset View 7HBi model as well as the freestanding, View 8HB boiler stove.

Stockton Boiler Stoves Design Features

Made from 5mm and 10mm heavy duty steel body, the Stockton boiler stoves incorporate the latest Airwash system. Find out more about Stovax’s Stockton boiler stoves features.

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View Boiler Stoves Design Features

The View boiler stoves is made from high quality steel. Find out more about the View boiler stove range features.

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