5 traditional wood burning stoves

5 traditional wood burning stoves

Are you looking for a traditional wood burner? Here are top five picks from Stovax!

Stockton 5

The Stockton 5 wood burning stove is a happy blend of traditional-meets-contemporary. This is a mid-sized stove, which is just as at home in a country inglenook or classic mantel at it is in a more contemporary eclectic interior.

It offers an ample 4.9kW heat output, and when fitted with a smoke control kit can also be used in urban areas to burn wood. If you want to burn smokeless fuels, the Stockton 5 is also available as a multi-fuel model.

Sheraton 5

The Sheraton 5 offers everything you would expect from a traditional wood burning stove: the cornice detailing, the elegant legs, and the bevelled doorframe. Along with its classic good looks, this timelessly styled stove also offers Ecodesign performance. This means that it lowers emissions to a minimum with its state-of-the-art combustion system.

The Sheraton 5 is available as a multi-fuel model, and is also available as the Sheraton 5 Wide wood burner for a wider format.

Riva Plus Small

Although a neat and compact stove, the Riva Plus wood burner brings a generous 5kW heat output to your living space. Also available as a multi-fuel version with a specially designed riddling grate, there are choices of low and high canopies for this stove, or even the option for a flat top.

Huntingdon 30

The Huntingdon 30 wood burner offers the best in Gothic cast iron styling, with a detailed tracery door that adds a refined traditional edge to this stove. There is also the option of a clear door for those that prefer the subtle detailing on the corners of the door, and want a wider view of the flames.

The Huntingdon 30 is also available in various other sizes, but can also be found as a gas stove or electric version.

Brunel 1A

The Brunel 1A is ideal for smaller rooms and is the smallest wood burning stove in Stovax’s cast iron stove range. This stove is available as a multi-fuel model, and can also be found in an ivory enamel finish. Its design lends itself to more traditional interiors, and is designed to fit into a standard 22” high British fireplace.

If any of these traditional wood burning stoves fit what you are looking for, talk to your local expert retailer who can help you start the installation process.

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  1. Alan Stannah says:

    The Huntington 30 looks almost ideal for our fireplace, right width and appearance and output but just a bit too high. Can you supply reduced height legs for the Huntington 30? Thank you, Alan Stannah.

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Posted by on August 26, 2019

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