Ecodesign Ready Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves

Ecodesign Ready Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves

Whilst many of our stoves and fires feature Cleanburn technology for high efficiency heating in urban smoke control areas, some models burn so cleanly they meet, and in many cases even exceed, future Ecodesign emission and efficiency standards.

Ecodesign Ready Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves

The Ecodesign directive aims to improve air quality and will be introduced in 2022. From then on, stove manufacturers will only be able to sell Ecodesign Ready appliances.

We developed our first Ecodesign Ready stove, the Elise, seven years ahead of Ecodesign’s introduction, back in 2015. This pioneering range goes further to minimise emissions than even Ecodesign requirements, and demonstrated that it was possible to design and build tomorrow’s stoves and fires, today.

Working with the Stove Industry Alliance, Stovax helped to create and introduce the SIA Ecodesign Ready label initiative to the Stove and Fireplace industry. Stoves that display the Ecodesign Ready label have been independently tested by HETAS to verify they meet these stringent emission standards. Supported by Which?, this scheme helps you easily tell which products meet these forthcoming standards for ultra-low emissions right now.

We believe this is the future of solid fuel heating, which is why we have been focusing our research and development efforts to create the cleanest burning stove and fire ranges possible. In addition to the Elise, we have also created the completely Ecodesign compliant Chesterfield, Sheraton,  Vogue and Vision stove ranges.

Our Ecodesign stoves and fires employ ultra-clean, high efficiency combustion systems ensure that substances present in smoke emissions such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOX), organic gaseous compounds (OGC) and particulates (PM) are minimised – making them some of the most eco-friendly stoves in the world.

For tips on how to minimise wood burning emissions and find out how Stovax is supporting the government’s clean air strategy, check out our Burn Clean Q&A. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact your Stovax retailer.

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