5 Best Scandinavian Wood Burning Stoves [Designs With Outstanding Performance]

5 Best Scandinavian Wood Burning Stoves [Designs With Outstanding Performance]

Embracing the Scandinavian aesthetic, renowned for its simplicity and functionality, is a perfect year-round pursuit. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Scandinavian wood burners that embody this stylish yet practical design philosophy.

With these exceptional models, we’ll help you achieve the coveted Scandi look in your home. Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply dreaming of a cosy yet stylish retreat, these Scandinavian wood burners are sure to inspire.

1. Boldly Modern: the Dovre Bold 300 wood stove

With minimalist Nordic styling at its core, the Dovre Bold 300 presents a modern interpretation of the classic wood burning stove. This model features a lofty firebox framed by a curved viewing window and is supported by an elegant four-point stand. It produces impressive flame visuals and delivers a generous 7kW of heat output. The Bold range of wood burning stoves incorporates advanced Cleanburn and Airwash technology, achieving an efficiency of up to 80%.

Dovre Bold 300 wood stove. Scandinavian-style log burner.

2. Nordpeis Quadro 2 log burner: Where Elegance Meets Industrial Chic

The Quadro 2 wood burning stove includes a seamless, two-sided glass window, and an elegant, full-length body that extends gracefully to the floor. For those seeking a designer, Scandinavian aesthetic, aside from the matt black version, the Quadro 2 wood stove is also available in a Colorado Natural finish, which boasts a striking, raw concrete exterior surround for an industrial, minimalist look. Thanks to the advanced Cleanburn and Airwash technology, the Quadro 2 allows for a mesmerising view of the flames through its expansive window.

With a heat output of up to 6kW, this stunning stove makes a spectacular addition to any home!

Nordpeis Quadro 2 Wood burning Stove

3. Nordpeis Duo 2 wood burning stove: Elevated Efficiency with Built-In Log Storage

The sleek and modern Duo range of wood burning stoves features cutting-edge Cleanburn and Airwash technology, offering spectacular views of the flames and highly efficient heat outputs for your home. These stoves are available in four distinct styles and offer the additional benefit of an optional External Air Kit, which helps minimize drafts in your room.

Maintaining the same firebox features, heat output, and high efficiency as other stoves in the Duo range, the Duo 2 wood burning stove adds the extra convenience of an integrated log store.

Nordpeis Duo Wood Stove

4. Clean Lines, Clear Views: the Varde Aura 1 Scandi-style wood stove

The Varde Aura 1 wood burning stove merges elegant design with superior construction. It showcases a large firebox where the rolling flames are visible through a curved ceramic glass window, which remains clear thanks to the effective Airwash technology. This stove’s innovative design includes several practical elements, such as ergonomic air controls, a soft-close door, and a spacious log storage base that not only saves space but also enhances the stove’s streamlined aesthetics.

Varde Aura 1 Wood Burning Stove

5. Varde Bornholm: A log burner with panoramic warmth and seamless style

With its large side windows, the Varde Bornholm wood burning stove offers a panoramic view of tall flames, with its burn chamber generating impressive visuals. Equipped with Cleanburn and Airwash systems, it efficiently delivers a 5kW heat output.

Varde Bornholm Scandi-style wood burner

This wood stove includes a new door on the storage compartment at the base of the stove, providing a tidy space to conceal logs and accessories. Similar to other models in the Varde log burner collection, the Bornholm features the option of an external air supply, eliminating the need for an additional room vent.

If you’re ready to bring the warmth and style of a Scandinavian wood burner into your home, visit your local retailer today. They can provide expert advice, help you select the perfect model that fits your space and style, and ensure an easy purchase and installation experience.

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Are you a self-builder with a Scandi-style home project? We’ve got you covered! Be sure to read our informative article on everything you need to know about incorporating a wood stove into your self-build project. It’s packed with essential tips and insights to help you make informed decisions and create a cosy, stylish environment.

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