Designio Gas Fire

Versions to suit most homes - even those with no chimney

The Designio gas fire has a smart finish with clean lines. This fire exudes contemporary style and is available in versions to suit most homes - even those without a chimney.

The fire has the following fire options: E-Box, E-Studio, VFC, Logic Hotbox, Logic Convector and Logic HE. The E-Studio fires have a white stone fuel bed, E-Box fires have a coal or pebble fuel bed option and the VFC fires come with a coal fuel bed.

Fuel effects: White stones, Coals or Glass Bead fuel effects (dependant on the type of model).

Also available with remote control.

The complete Logic family or fires are available with your choice of two different control systems; Manual Conrol or for the ultimate luxury heating experience, a Remote Control to give you convenient control from the comfort of your sofa.

Designio - Key Facts
      Chimney Options
Fire Choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 3 BF PF
E-Box 76% 3.80kW Yes Yes Yes No No
E-Box Balanced Flue 86% 3.52kW No No No Yes No
E-Studio 72% 3.10kW Yes Yes Yes No No
E-Studio Balanced Flue 82% 3.52kW No No No Yes No
VFC Convector 50% 4.75kW Yes Yes No No No
VFC + powered flue kit 50% 4.75kW No No No No Yes
Logic Hotbox 60% 4kW Yes Yes Yes No  No
Logic Convector 68.5%  4.6kW  Yes Yes  Yes  No  No 
Logic HE 89%  4.5kW  Yes  Yes  Yes No   No
Logic HE Balanced Flue 86%  3.4kW  No  No No  Yes  No 

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