All-new wide format wood burning and multi-fuel stove

All-new wide format wood burning and multi-fuel stove

This new, wide-format design provides impressive flame visuals, whilst slimline proportions reduce depth and ensure a versatile 5kW nominal heat output.

View 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stove goes widescreen

Big wood burning stoves mean bigger flame visuals and also more heat. But what if you just want the impressive flames without the extra heat or depth?

Look no further than the View 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stove.

The latest model to join the contemporary View range, the 5 Wide presents a whole new option for those looking for maximum impact with a moderate 5kW heat output suitable for most homes with standard sized living spaces.

The View 5 Wide is also great option for rooms where space is limited, as its shallow depth means it doesn’t protrude as far into the room as a typical stove. These sleek, contemporary stoves can be styled with a matching glass top plate as well as our range of benches for a designer focal-point.

But It’s not just about visuals…

The View 5 Wide’s combustion systems are designed to get the most out of every log, providing your home with a high efficiency heat source. And thanks to the advanced Cleanburn technology in both dedicated wood burning and multi-fuel versions, these stoves are Smoke Control Approved, making them suitable for urban areas.

To appreciate the View 5 Wide’s expansive flame picture and Slimline profile, visit your local Stovax retailer.

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