Varde Ovne Wood Burning Stoves

Varde Ovne Wood Burning Stoves

The pinnacle of Danish design, Varde Ovne wood burning stoves, distributed by Stovax Limited in the UK and Republic of Ireland, combine not only contemporary aesthetics and quality materials, but also functionality.

With 8 models of wood burning Varde Ovne stoves to choose from, there is a practical and appropriate solution for all types of home looking for a contemporary edge to their wood burning stove choice.

Uniq 1

Uniq 1

While the impressive Aura can offer 4 different styles including pedestal and log storage options, each can provide you with 5.0kW of heat and up to 78% efficiency. The Uniq also has the advantage of giving you a 180˚ look at the flames inside with its glass sided firebox whilst also giving you the 5.0kW heat you desire.

Shape 2 with Sandstone top

Shape 2 with Sandstone top

The Shape 2 model can offer slimmer proportions if you require, with a depth of just 410mm, but a height of 1020mm in order to really give a room a stunning focal point with a choice of either a Soapstone or Sandstone top. The Fuego wood burning stoves have a choice of 2 models, each with integral plinths – the Fuego 1 being slightly taller than the Fuego 2 – and a 5.0kW heat output.

All Varde Ovne wood burning stoves are based on a simple combustion system which introduces cold air at the bottom of the stove and then releases the heated air at the top, while several models also feature an external air facility enabling air to be drawn from outside. Integrated Airwash and Cleanburn systems to allow for improved heat output and cleaner glass, so you can enjoy your Varde Ovne wood burning stove to its full potential.

With their practical 5.0kW heat output and high efficiency, Varde Ovne wood burning stoves really can offer householders a fresh and contemporary look at solid fuel heating.

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    Hi I am looking for replacement glass for my varde shape 2 stove .thanks

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