Upgrade your living room with a traditional electric stove

Upgrade your living room with a traditional electric stove

When it comes to choosing your electric stove, you really can’t go wrong with classic styling. Tasteful and timeless, a well-designed electric stove will fit effortlessly into a huge range of interiors, traditional or contemporary.

For a period property like a country cottage or Victorian townhouse, a traditional electric stove can form the foundation of the room, enhancing the surroundings with plenty of character that’s in-keeping with your property’s age. Modern homes can also benefit from the timeless aesthetics of an electric stove, with classic styling juxtaposing more modern elements in your décor. And thanks to our electric stoves needing just a 13 amp plug socket, they can be enjoyed in any home.

Our broad range of traditional electric stoves pays homage to various influential design movements whilst bringing you the very latest in stunning visuals and easy operation. Each stove is made with the same cast iron castings we use on our wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, to ensure they look and feel every bit as authentic as a solid fuel stove.

Stockton2 Small Electric Stove, from Gazco

Chromalight® Immersive flame visuals and stunning fuel effects

All our traditional electric stoves now feature our latest LED flame effect technology. Inside each is our Chromalight® Immersive LED systems, which create extraordinarily realistic flame visuals. Flame effects appear to dance among the highly realistic log effects whilst modulating up-lighting beneath the fuel effects creates the look of glowing embers.

Programmable Ambient Heating

Easy to use ambient heating lets you ‘set and forget’ your stove to maintain a specific temperature. You can also programme your stove to daily scheduling to suit your lifestyle and enable a host of energy-saving settings such as Open Window Detection, which will automatically turn off the stove’s heat when a window is opened.

Marlborough2 Small Electric stove, from Gazco

Everything in the palm of your hand

Gazco electric stoves come with our thermostatic Eco remote control, which lets you access all of their features at the touch of a button. Cycle through different Chromalight® flame and ember bed lighting colours and take full control of your stove’s range of heating settings without moving from your favourite chair!

Huntingdon 20 Electric Stove, from Gazco

Where can I buy a traditional Gazco electric stove?

Gazco electric stoves are available from our Expert Retailer Network across the UK and Ireland. You can find your local retailer here and drop them a line to enquire about your new electric stove today!

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