Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with a new stove from Stovax & Gazco

Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with a new stove from Stovax & Gazco

If you’re wondering what to get this Valentine’s day, how about opting for a gift you both love and that will give you enjoyment for years to come? If you are looking for ways to cosy up, a Stovax Gazco stove or fire really creates the heart of a home and the ideal solution. Here are some of our top picks this Valentine’s Day.


The Vogue range is offered in a variety of sizes, and spans the wood burning and multi-fuel, gas, and electric fuel types. These stoves feature signature styling, with their bevelled cast iron doors and expansive windows for a vivid view of the flames.

Whichever fuel type is your preference, there is a Vogue to suit your home. If simple installation is the top of your priorities, the Vogue Midi T Electric stove would make an excellent choice. Simply plug into the mains for instant enjoyment of a stunning 180o display that can be viewed from almost anywhere in a room thanks to its tall front and side windows.

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  • Sheraton

    The Sheraton stove range comes in wood burning, multi-fuel, gas log burner and electric versions. The design lends the stove range to both contemporary and traditional settings, with the cast iron door and cornice details contributing to the classic good looks of a log burner.

    If opting for the Sheraton 5 gas log burner, the firebox has been lined with Gazco’s EchoFlame Black Glass lining. This allows the flames to reflect inside the stove, giving the impression of increased depth. The other benefit of the Sheraton 5 gas stove is its fully-sequential thermostatic control system – which allows you to switch your stove on in just seconds.

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  • Vision

    The Vision stove range is offered as a gas log burner, an electric stove, and also in wood burning and multi-fuel versions. It is a clean and sleek design suited for the contemporary-styled home – even offering a wall hung wood burning stove option.

    The Vision Midi T wall hung stove can be chosen as a multi-fuel appliance or a log burner version, and is also Ecodesign compliant. This means it meets forthcoming air quality regulations, reduces emissions to a minimum, and has an A-class energy efficiency rating thanks to its high heating efficiency of up to 80%. This wall-mounted wood burner offers an ultra-modern installation option for anyone looking for something chic and unusual.

  • Find out more about the Stovax Vision wood burning and multi-fuel stove range here.
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  • For more information on the Vision electric log burner, click here.
  • All of these options are sure to bring a focal point to your home. If you have decided you would like to go ahead with any of these log burners, speak to your local retailer who can help on stove installation and choosing the right size and fuel type for your property.

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