Traditional wood burning stoves now available with videos!

Traditional wood burning stoves now available with videos!

We have recently been populating our product pages with videos. You can now view a burning flame of our traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stove products by visiting the relevant product page.

Traditional Wood burning & Multi-fuel Stove Ranges

Our traditional stoves combine classic casting details with modern combustion technology. Timelessly styled, they add elegance and character to period and contemporary interiors alike. Innovatively, designed, solidly built and meticulously tested, our wood burning and multi-fuel stoves will heat your home for many years to come.

Stovax have a variety of beautiful traditional stoves to choose from. Made from the finest cast iron or steel construction, you can choose from the following ranges below.

Sheraton Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

The Sheraton stove is available in two sizes: Sheraton 5 & Sheraton 5 Wide. Featuring large frontal dimensions and expansive viewing window, the latest addition to join the tradition wood burning and multi-fuel stove range is the Sheraton 5 Wide. This Ecodesign Ready stove provides a nominal 5kW heat output, making it the perfect choice for standard British room sizes.

This traditional stove also incorporates our Convector Heat Flow system, which channels warm air between the firebox and the outer walls of the stove back into the room for enhanced heating performance. This innovative design feature also removes heat from the rear of the appliance, reducing the stove’s distance to combustibles for more installation possibilities.

Huntingdon Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove

With its traditional “gothic” styling, this Huntingdon 25 model is now an Ecodesign Ready stove. The smallest in the Huntingdon wood burning and multi-fuel range, this cast iron stove is specifically designed to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse.

With a nominal heat output of 4.9kW, this wood burning and multi-stove is DEFRA approved for smoke control areas.

The Huntingdon range is available in 5 stove sizes.

Stockton Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove

With up to 14 sizes, the popular Stockton range has a wide range to choose from. Whether you are looking for an inset, double sided or boiler versions, you will find a Stockton to match your home.

Our recent addition to this wood burning range is the Stockton Cook Stove Collection. Available in two sizes, these wood burning stoves feature specially designed polished steel cooktop to allow multiple dishes as well as a kettle.

There is an option to add a steel warming shelve for additional space for freshly cooked or boiled pans to be taken off the heat and kept warm.

Brunel Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove

Featuring a neat and compact look, this range is available in 3 stove sizes. The Brunel 2A is the smallest stove in the range and is designed to fit into a standard 22″ high British fireplace.

Riva Plus Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove

The traditional Riva Plus Wood burning and Multi-fuel range is available in three sizes. Creating a magnificent focal point, the Stovax Riva Medium is suitable for a large inglenook fireplace. To suit your individual needs, you can select from low or high canopies and an external air facility for draught reduction.

You can download the latest Stovax Stoves brochure here. For more information about the traditional wood burning stove ranges, please visit your local Stovax retailer.

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