Top five benefits of a free standing wood burner

Top five benefits of a free standing wood burner

Find out why a free standing wood burner from Stovax is an excellent investment for your home.

There are many reasons why you should consider installing a free standing wood burner into your home. Here are some of the many benefits.

High efficiency rates
A free standing wood burner or multi-fuel stove such as the Huntingdon 35, has an efficiency rate of up to 82%. The heat output is released slowly thanks to the use of cast iron in its manufacture. Cast iron is a traditional material for stoves as it allows heat to be diffused to give an even output for a comfortable, ambient room temperature.

Using a renewable fuel source
Wood logs are a renewable fuel provided that you purchase from a reputable supplier who sources from well managed woodland. Burning wood is also largely carbon neutral as the carbon dioxide given off during combustion is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth. Wood will also give off carbon dioxide when left to rot so it’s worth utilising logs to generate useful heat for your home.

Cleanburn and Airwash help you to make the most of your fuel
By continually investing in technology and research, Stovax offer advanced features in most of their free standing wood burners. A triple air system provides thermal efficiency, a cleaner burn and the ability to control the flame picture.

Airwash keeps your stove glass clear by drawing air down the inside of the door to prevent soot and other combustion particles from coming into contact with its surface. Primary air aids combustion to create efficient ignition while
Cleanburn introduces pre-heated air into the firebox to burn off excess hydrocarbons; this makes efficient use of your fuel whilst simultaneously preventing excess soot being deposited in your home’s chimney flue where it can hinder the burning process.

A free standing wood burning boiler such as the Stockton 14HB is eligible for a reduced VAT rate.

A free standing wood burning boiler such as the Stockton 14HB is eligible for a reduced VAT rate.

Wood burning boiler stoves heat your domestic hot water and are available with a reduced VAT rate
There has arguably never been a better time to invest in a boiler stove. They can be linked to an existing central heating system and will provide not only radiant heat for the room but enough hot water for up to 19 radiators. Furthermore dedicated free standing wood burning boiler stoves, such as the Stockton 11 or Stockton 14 from Stovax are currently eligible for a reduced VAT rate of just 5% because they are listed under the Government’s ‘Energy-Saving Materials’ initiative.

Smoke Control Approved – free standing wood burners for towns & cities
Many wood burning stoves are now eligible to be burned in designated Smoke Control Areas thanks to the addition of a Smoke Control Kit. This ensures that the stove is sufficiently clean burning to maintain the requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993. Now homes in cities and towns as well as rural areas may enjoy the many benefits of a free standing wood burner.

Resources, support and further information

For further advice drop into your local retailer – find your nearest showroom using our quick and easy postcode search page.

To find out if you are in a Smoke Control Area, get in touch with your local authority.

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