Top 5 Gazco Electric Stoves and Fires

Top 5 Gazco Electric Stoves and Fires

With a wide range of electric stoves to choose from, including contemporary electric fires and traditional electric stove models, here are our top 5.

eReflex Electric Fire Range

Featuring the very latest in electric fire innovation, these stunning electric fires create an impressive spectacle in almost any environment. Innovative LED technologies and a choice of customisable fuel beds make this inventive electric fire range an easy choice for creating a charming centrepiece where a gas fire or wood burning stove isn’t an option. These vibrant electric fires are available in a range of sizes, and the visuals can be customised at the touch of the button for a change in atmosphere. A range of fitting options allow the flexible eReflex electric fire range to be installed in a recess for a hole-in-the-wall fire that’s so popular for media wall installations, or partially exposed to create a more scenic two sided or three sided display. For the ultimate in convenient installations, a hang on the wall version can be chosen in a number of two or three sided configurations. Click here for more information on the eReflex Electric Fires range.

Sheraton 5 Electric Stove

Delivering sophistication and class where it’s needed, the graceful Sheraton 5 Electric Stove is a fusion of classic cast iron bevels and timeless appeal that meets bang up-to-date Chromalight LED technology. The result – a visionary electric stove that has the exterior of a classic wood burner but allows the flexibility to change many of the inner visual elements to fit your chosen atmosphere or mood. This is what allows this electric stove to become the ultimate focal point of almost any space it owns. Click here for more information on the Sheraton 5 Electric Stove.

Riva2 670 Electric Fire Range

Designed to suit a range of installation scenarios and styles, the versatile Riva2 670 Electric Fire range is available with a marvellously authentic fuel effect and a choice of frames to further tailor the presentation. Featuring variable flame effect and heating settings with up to 2kW output, the option to enjoy the flames without any heat is one of the real benefits of an electric fire, and this one is no different. Click here for more information on the Riva2 Electric Fires range.

Vogue Electric Stoves Range

Providing a mesmerising display with an alluring 3D flame effect and interchangeable fuel bed, the stylishly modern Vogue Electric Stoves range can create a splendorous hub to gather around. As with other ranges, the Chromalight LED technology allows you to control the flames and ember bed lighting effects to introduce a fresh ambience on demand. Many of the Freestanding models in the range can be chosen with a log store base, to enhance the impression of a real log burning stove. Click here for more information on the Vogue Electric Stoves range.

Logic2 Electric Fire Range

Combining modern technology in a classic format, the Logic2 Electric Fires range has different styling options making it ideal for a range of scenarios. These inset electric fires pair unique flame technology with three easily interchangeable fuel beds, all with their own charm and identity. Designed to fit in a standard fireplace opening, Logic2 electric fires can be mixed and matched with a range of frames, frontages and finishes to increase integration opportunities for many styles of homes. Click here for more information on the Logic2 Electric Fires range.

To find out more about any of our electric stoves and fires, contact your local retailer today.

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