Time to spring clean

Time to spring clean

It’s that time of year when we’re packing away our winter clothes, enjoying longer days, and spring cleaning our homes.

Now that the weather is slowly warming up, you’ll probably be using your stove less – especially as we start to think about summer holidays. It’s the perfect time to give your wood burning or multi-fuel stove a service, giving you plenty of time to clean, identify any problems, or even refresh your stove before the winter months arrive.

Servicing and maintenance

At the end of the heating season, your stove or fire should undergo an annual service which will include stripping and cleaning the appliance. One of the first things to do is clean the inside of the firebox thoroughly when the stove is completely cool. All of the excess ash needs to be removed, with finer particles vacuumed up – the Stovax Motorised Ashclean is ideal for getting into awkward spots.

Using a soft brush, clean and check the firebricks – any broken or damaged bricks should be replaced, but smaller cracks or chips can be repaired using Stovax Fire Cement. Check the door glass for any signs of damage by removing it from the door and cleaning thoroughly with Stovax Glass Cleaner – consider the type of cleaner you need carefully, as printed glass will need to be cleaned with a different product use for plain door glass. If the glass has cracked, it will need replacing, but if in good condition it can be put back into the door. Ensure that you check your door rope seal which can become worn or loose over time, and if it needs replacing, watch our useful video to guide you.

Get your chimney swept

Anything from tar to birds’ nests and cobwebs can get stuck in your flue. While the frequency of needing your chimney swept varies depending on fuel type, how often you use your fire or stove, the moisture content in the wood you burn or what type of chimney you have, now is a good time to consider when you last had your chimney swept and whether or not you’ll need to do it again soon. Read Care for your chimney this Chimney Fire Safety Week on our blog for more details on how often you need to sweep your chimney, as well as top tips for chimney maintenance.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you’ve been thinking about changing your décor, it might be the right time to consider changing your fire. Read our blog post about keeping up with 2017’s trends if you’re in need of a refresh, and consider whether your current heating system is as efficient as you’d like it to be. Many of the Stovax wood burning stoves and fires, such as the Vogue Midi wood burning stove, feature Cleanburn technology, designed to increase the combustion efficiency of your stove and reduce the amount of unburnt particles going up the chimney. This could help you in the long term by reducing your servicing costs and save you money in fuel.

6 responses to “Time to spring clean”

  1. Paul Barrett says:

    Can you recommend a service engineer for the Stovax Studio 2 cassette wood burner in the Leeds area?
    Many thanks,
    Paul Barrett.

  2. Graham Carter says:

    Hi which rope seal pack do I need for my Vogue Freestanding stove.

    Model number VG-MEDW-E

    Thank you


    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Graham, replacement parts for this model are available via our official spares website – it looks to be the 13mm Black Door Rope Seal with Adhesive – 2m Pack that you’ll require from the door assembly tab.
      Hope this helps.

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