The Vogue Midi T Highline: a designer stove to suit all requirements

The Vogue Midi T Highline: a designer stove to suit all requirements

The Vogue Midi T Highline creates a stunning focal point wherever it is installed. Featuring a tall log store base with closed front and stylish stainless steel trim, this contemporary stove is both minimalist yet full of presence. Offered as a gas, electric or solid fuel stove, the Highline can suit a huge range of homes and requirements. Read on to see which version will add the perfect centrepiece to your interior.

Gazco Vogue Midi T Highline Electric Stove

Shortlisted for the esteemed 2019 Build It Awards, Vogue Midi T Electric stoves feature a stunning LED flame effect. Like all models in the Vogue Midi T Electric range, the Highline size has side windows to grant a 180o view of visuals, which are given further prominence thanks to this electric stove’s height.

Inside the Vogue Midi T Highline Electric stove, Chromalight® Immersive LED systems provide a wealth of flame colours and fuel effect lighting options – which can be easily adjusted with the remote control. Three flame settings and 14 ember bed up-lighting settings are augmented by a choice of interchangeable fuel effects.

The Vogue Midi T Highline’s Thermostatic Eco handset provides complete control over the stove’s visuals as well as allowing you to schedule heating to suit your lifestyle. Innovative energy saving features ensure this stove runs as efficiently as possible.

This designer electric stove can be placed anywhere there is a three pin plug socket making it suitable for homes without a chimney or where installing a stove isn’t possible.

Gazco Vogue Midi T Highline Gas Stoves

For high efficiency heat at the touch of a button, look no further than the Vogue Midi T Highline Gas stove. Designed with our latest gas fire technology, this stove features a highly realistic log effect with varied and natural looking flames.

Beneath the logs, a bed of ember wool and ceramic media looks just like glowing embers. Both log and ember effects cleverly hide multiple flame ports which create dancing, three dimensional flames. Side windows provide a panoramic display, with the EchoFlame Black Glass lining reflecting the flame picture to enhance the visuals.

The Vogue Midi T Highline Gas stove features easy to use manual controls which can be upgraded with a choice of remote control options, including a Programmable Thermostatic handset which lets you set your gas stove to pre-set times and temperatures.

Offered in conventional and balanced flue models, Vogue Midi T gas stoves can be installed with or without a chimney.

Stovax Vogue Midi T Highline Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

If you’re looking for the crackle of logs and the joys of making a real fire, the Ecodesign Ready Vogue Midi T Highline wood burning and multi-fuel convector stoves offer the latest in solid fuel heating.

This wood burner’s tall firebox creates soaring visuals, with Airwash jets keeping the glass clear of soot for an uninterrupted view. Triple air flow systems create optimum burning conditions for the fuel and reduce emissions whilst providing high efficiency heating. Thanks to their burning performance Vogue Midi T Highline stoves are suitable for homes in towns or cities, meeting future Ecodesign air quality standards as well as current DEFRA smoke control restrictions.

Featuring an integral rear heat shield, the Midi T Highline takes heated air from the rear of the stove and flows it back into the room via convection. This innovative design feature not only offers enhanced heating capability but also dramatically reduces the stove’s distance to combustibles, expanding installation options.

The Vogue Midi T Highline is offered in either a dedicated wood burning model or a multi-fuel version that will let you burn wood or smokeless fuels.

Have you considered our other Vogue Midi T stove sizes?

If you love the style of Vogue stoves but would like to see some other sizes and mounting options in addition to the Highline, check out the full gaselectric and solid fuel ranges. Vogue Midi T stoves are also offered in hearth mounted, Midline log store and stunning Wall Mounted versions in each fuel type.

Where to Buy a Gas, Electric or Solid Fuel Vogue Midi T Stove

Depending on your choice, you may have a few questions regarding the installation and fitting requirements for you stove. Your local retailer will be able to provide advice on heat outputs, stove features and more, as well as demonstrate Vogue Midi T stoves running (we recommend checking they have a showroom model before making a special journey).




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