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Gazco eReflex 110RW with Oak Log-effect, shown as two-sided installation

Gazco eReflex 110RW with Oak Log-effect, shown as single-sided installation. Also shown: optional Mood Lighting system.

Gazco eReflex 110RW with Oak Log-effect, shown as three-sided installation. Also shown: optional Mood Lighting system.

eReflex 110RW Electric Fires

Equipped with Gazco’s state-of-the-art Chromalight® technology at your fingertips, the eReflex 110RW electric fire from Gazco is a new generation designer electric fire that delivers much more than a fireside glow. Using the innovative app or Thermostatic Eco Remote Control, you’ll not only be able to turn on or off the heat independently of the display, but have full control over the array of immersive lighting options available, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Designed to be the perfect centrepiece to sit front and centre as part of a media wall, the eReflex 110RW is easily configurable as a single-sided or multi-sided electric fire. To further enhance your space, an optional mood lighting kit is available which can be placed around your TV or shelves, to bathe them in your choice of 13 vibrant colours, or the steadily changing spectrum mode.

Visit our eReflex information page for more details.

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Key Facts

Heat OutputUp to 2kW ambient heating
Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote control
App control on iOS and Android devices*
Chromalight® LED System
Three different flame optionsAmber, Amber with Blue Accent, and Blue
Choice of fuel effects Oak Log-effect or Crystal Ice Effect
Optional Mood Lighting System
Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat
Can be easily configured as a three-sided, two-sided, or single-sided fire
Pulsing glowing embers for realism
Up to 2kW programmable heating
Eight fuel bed lighting colours, plus cycling spectrum mode
Ecodesign Energy Saving Features

*Find the MUS Flame app on the App Store or Google Play

New Generation eReflex Electric Fires

Fireside comfort come rain or shine – the New Generation Gazco eReflex electric fire range effortlessly combines beauty with convenient electric heat, putting the artistry of fire right at your fingertips. But the eReflex doesn’t just deliver mesmerising effects and a fireside glow. Designed with the very latest Chromalight® LED technologies, a choice of stunning fuel beds, plus app control, these innovative media wall electric fires let you choose the perfect ambience to suit your mood, with only your imagination to hold you back.

Visit our New Generation eReflex Electric fire information page to find out more.

Full range of New Generation eReflex Electric Fires...

eReflex 110RW Information

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eReflex 110RW Dimensions
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