Avanti 150RW Electric Fires

Designed to work with any style and interior décor, the Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric fire is a luxury designer electric fire offering next level ambience. With a versatile one, two or three-sided configuration options, these versatile designer electric fires are designed to be customised to your desired installation. Choose from single sided inset, or for more panoramic flame views the multi-sided two-sided corner or three-sided configurations.

Incorporating advanced Chromalight® Plus immersive lighting technology exclusive to the Avanti range, the 150RW provides enhanced visual effects that deliver next level ambience. Fully controllable with the Thermostatic Eco Remote Control, these modern electric fires are also fully integrated with the MyFlame app, available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Take your ambience even further with the optional Mood Lighting system available for the Onyx Avanti 150RW. For added vibrance and definition, these flexible LED strips can be installed around a TV, along shelves, or either side of a chimney breast for even more ambience that’s all controllable from the remote or MyFlame app.

Visit the Onyx Avanti Electric Fires information page to find out more.

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Avanti Electric Fires

The Onyx Avanti Inset Electric Fire range represents the very highest level of innovation available in a modern electric fire. These designer electric fires are available in three sizes, and each has a variety of available installation options. The Avanti 110RW, Avanti 150RW and Avanti 190RW are all available in a single, corner or three-sided fire configuration.

With three different log sets available for all three sizes of Avanti electric fire, it’s easy to tailor the aesthetic to your chosen ambience. Enjoy the True-to-life Split Oak log effect set that comes with the fire as standard, or choose from two optional upgrades, including the new Onyx Luxury Logscape - a real woodland log set made up of authentic British split hardwood, sourced from the South West.

Designed to offer ambience tailored to every mood, Onyx Avanti Inset Electric fires feature an unprecedented amount of lighting effect options. Advanced Chromalight® Plus technology provides enhanced effects that take the level of ambience to new heights.

For complete control, every Onyx Avanti Electric fire is designed to be controlled with the innovative app available for iOS or Android smart devices. The app provides precision control over the Avanti including flame display brightness and speed settings. You can also easily program different heating schedules, and flames display settings can also be scheduled if desired, perfect for when you’re expecting guests.

The optional Mood Lighting system available with Onyx Avanti Electric fires allows you the option to extend your fires ambient reach. Featuring the same colour palette as the electric fires Chromalight® Plus system, this is a great way to bring some vibrance to other areas of your room. Place it behind a TV, underneath shelves, or wherever you see fit. The Optional Lighting Kit integrates seamlessly with your Avanti designer electric fire, and can be controlled with the MyFlame app and Thermostatic Eco Remote Control.

Visit the Onyx Avanti Electric Fires information page to find out more.

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Reviews and Customer Showcase
“One of the first items we chose for our home restoration”
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Lucinda, gas fire, NYC style home
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Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Beautiful focal Point”
♥ Reclaimed wood mantel piece & log burner ♥
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Stovax Stockton 5 – “Hygge”
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Stovax Studio 1 wood stove – “A design and functional stove”
Before and after transformation
Gazco Stockton2 Small Gas Stove – “Log Burner Look – Without the Carbon Footprint”
“Centerpiece of the home”
“We loved the contemporary design of the Riva stove”
Gazco eStudio 85R electric – “Christmas cheer”
Stovax Stockton 8 Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves – “Looks Like it was Always There”
“A good fit”
“Very Pleased”
Warming my tummy! #whitecat #whitecats #whitecatlove #rescuecat #rescuecats #rescuecatsrock #stovax #woodburner #colchestercatrescue
Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric fire – “Our media wall”
Gazco eReflex 135RW electric – “Amazingly real!”
“Great fire place”
“Great looking stove”
Gazco eReflex 135R Electric fire – “Beautiful Fire”
Stovax Studio 1 Freestanding wood fire – “Just looking at it makes you feel cosy!”
Stovax Chesterfield 5 wood burning stove – “Enjoyed by the whole family (even your pet!)”
“Stunning home improvement”
Stovax County 3 Multifuel Stove – “What a difference!”

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