Wood burning Stove – A New Ecodesign Ready Model Now Available!

Wood burning Stove – A New Ecodesign Ready Model Now Available!

Elegant styling, ultra clean burning performance and suitable for urban areas. Look no further than the Huntington 25 wood burning and multi-fuel cast iron stove.

We are excited to announce our timelessly styled Huntingdon 25 is Ecodesign Ready, easily satisfying future air quality standards thanks to its ultra-clean burning performance.

The smallest stove in the beautifully crafted, cast iron Huntingdon range, the 25 pairs Gothic influences with refined aesthetics. Perfectly suited to period settings, this stunning stove works just as well as a pièce de résistance in contemporary surroundings.

This elegant little Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel stove supports the Government’s Clean Air Strategy as a low emission solid fuel product. High heating efficiency means that you get the most out of every log, reducing the amount of fuel you’ll need to keep your home warm. Burn Ready to Burn logs with a low moisture content, to burn cleanly with minimal smoke emissions.

Approved for Urban Areas

Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, the Huntingdon 25 is a great choice for urban homes. A smoke control kit makes this stove DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. Providing a nominal 4.9kW of heat, you won’t normally need a room vent for installation making this a great option for a variety of homes. Providing high efficiency heating, the 25’s versatile riddling grate allows you to burn either logs or approved solid-fuels for optimum fuel flexibility.

You can choose to enhance the Huntingdon 25’s architectural styling with the distinguished tracery door version, alternatively, opt for the Clear Door model for an uninterrupted view of the magnificent flame visuals.

The Huntingdon 25 joins our growing range of Ecodesign Ready products, offering you classical looks with modern heating capability. If you’re looking for a traditional Ecodesign Ready stove but want a bigger flame picture, you might want to consider our Sheraton range.

To see the Huntingdon 25 burning contact your local retailer, who will be delighted to show you a range Stovax products burning.


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