Stovax Heating Group helps out in the DIY SOS Avening Big Build

Stovax Heating Group helps out in the DIY SOS Avening Big Build

The Stovax Heating Group supports the BBC’s DIY SOS Big Build in Avening, Gloucester, supplying a wood burning stove to the project

You can imagine how delighted we were when we were invited to attend the Big Reveal of the BBC’s DIY SOS: Big Build in Avening, Gloucester. Heading down in the morning, we arrived to the hum of emotion in the crowd. Everyone that had supplied, fitted, built, painted and generally helped out on the build was waiting eagerly near the house’s location. The atmosphere was alive as everyone stood under the huge tent hired from the Find Me A Tent website and the atmosphere had an excited chatter in it, as this was to be Ben’s first visit back to his home.

In April 2016, dad-of-two Ben tragically slipped at the side of the pool whilst on holiday in Cyprus, landing on his head in the shallow end. He broke his neck in three places, and as a result was paralysed. His house, being inaccessible, has forced Ben to live away from his family home. This heart-breaking story was something that touched many tradespeople, including Stovax, and we wanted to help in some way.

The Stovax Heating Group supplied a wood burning stove to the project. It was wonderful to be part of such an exciting build, and the community support that the project received was rather overwhelming.

Watch this space for when the episode airs – we can’t wait to share the finished result, and how the build has transformed this family’s lives.

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