Stovax & Gazco Shortlisted for Build It Awards 2022

Stovax & Gazco Shortlisted for Build It Awards 2022

The renowned Build It Awards are back for 2022, and we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for Best Stove Product this year.

The Build It Awards commends the very best in the self-build and renovation sector, awarding those that excel in their field. Held annually at an exciting event in the heart of London, the ceremony sees an array of shortlisted suppliers, manufacturers, individual self-builders, architects and many more all come together in one room to celebrate.

We are delighted to have been recognised for our leading design once again, with not one, but four products. Our award-winning stoves and fires are designed with you in mind, ensuring the pinnacle in style and innovation, along with best-in-class performance.

Best Stove Product 2022 – Our Shortlisted Entries

Stovax Riva2 Wood Burning Fires

This wood burning fire range has been shortlisted for its ability to deliver high efficiency heat, superior flame visuals, and a sleek centrepiece that will bring years of warmth and fireside ambience.

Available in four sizes, all Riva2 inset wood burning fires can be selected with a Profil XS or slightly wider Profil frame for a contemporary finish. Both frames are available in three-sided or four-sided versions, allowing a self-builder or renovator to achieve a hearth-mounted look if desired, or elevate the fire’s position for a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ look.

Stovax Riva2 wood burning fire is shortlisted for Build It Awards

All models are Ecodesign compliant, and each has been designed with the British home in mind. The smallest in the range, the Riva2 40, is designed to fit into a standard 22” high x 16” wide fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed. This allows you to install the fire with less building work, and in some cases without removing a hearth and mantel already in place – ideal for those where there are limitations in budget and involvement in the level of work. The 50 and 66 are both designed to fit a 22” high fireplace with the chairbrick removed, requiring the opening to simply be widened, and the 55 can be installed into a 36” H x 36” W x 16” D opening.

All fires in this wood burning collection are also DEFRA-exempt as standard.

Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas Stove

The stylish Sheraton 5 gas stove demonstrates how traditional heating appliances can meet modern demands, especially in today’s world when energy tariffs are hot topic. It takes a traditional wood burning design, and implements high efficiency gas heating that looks equally at home in contemporary spaces, or period renovations.

Both conventional flue and balanced flue versions are available. Conventional flue versions are ideal for renovators updating an existing fireplace, where a chimney is already available. It’s the perfect solution to update old, inefficient open fires, and replace with this classically-styled stove. Balanced flue options are ideal for those who do not have a chimney and want to avoid installing a new chimney system. A balanced flue gas stove does not require a chimney to function, as it simply vents directly to an outside wall with a twin-walled pipe, which draws air in from the outside, and removes combustion gases too.

Sheraton 5 Gas Stove is shortlisted for Build It Awards

The Sheraton 5 gas stove also offers a low-energy zonal heat solution that saves on a central heating bill. Instead of heating the whole house during an evening, where the energy is wasted warming rooms not in use, only heating the space you plan to occupy for that time can save energy and cost. Find out more about how little it costs to run a Sheraton 5 gas stove by reading our article that explains all there is to know about zonal heating and keeping your heating bill down this winter.

Onyx Orbit Electric Fire

The Orbit electric fire from Onyx offers a show-stopping suspended centrepiece particularly suited to open living spaces and homes with vaulted ceilings. Once installed in your desired location, the Orbit offers adjustable viewing and can be rotated up to 340 degrees, allowing you to change the viewing aspect at your leisure and enjoy the visual spectacle from almost anywhere in a room.

Onyx Orbit electric fire is shortlisted for Build It Awards

In addition to domestic spaces, this ceiling-hung electric fire makes an excellent centrepiece for commercial interiors, such as hotel lobbies, especially as its rotation feature allows for a furniture layout to be refreshed over time without the concern of a static fireplace location.

Gazco eStudio Electric Fire

The eStudio is an electric fire range that has been shortlisted for its easy installation that transforms spaces with its immersive flame picture and mood lighting. Gazco eStudio fires have a slimmer depth than many other electric fires, making them suitable for a variety of installation applications, particularly where floor space is limited, such as in new-build homes.

Gazco eStudio electric fire shortlisted for Build It Awards

This slim design also makes them the perfect companion to a media wall installation, highly suited to the TV and fire combo. We’ve put together a useful article on creating the perfect media wall, which explains all there is to know about this interior trend.

This stunning range of electric fires is also inexpensive to run, costing around two pence for an evening of visual ambience, and not a great deal more if you pop the heat on. Find out more by heading to our guide on how little it costs to run a Gazco fire or stove.

Where can I buy a stove or fire?

If you love the look of these shortlisted stoves and fires and want to go ahead with your purchase, head to your local expert retailer to find out more and to discuss your installation in detail.

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