N-20F in Black in Dublin Surround with Optional Log Store and Concrete Slatted Front Northern Lights: Nordpeis launches new wood burning cassette fires

Northern Lights: Nordpeis launches new wood burning cassette fires

Nordpeis launches two new wood burning cassette fires with complementary concrete surrounds that are easily customised.

Available now: Nordpeis has introduced two new wood burning cassette fires, bringing Scandinavian flair and minimalist design to your home. The X-20F and N-20F are both stylish cassette fires and are complemented by stunning, specifically developed, concrete surrounds.

The X-20F is a striking portrait wood burning fire that is suitable for modern sealed homes. With an impressive efficiency of 76% and a heat output of 5kW, the X-20F offers the low heat required for energy efficient homes.

The X-20F comes with the purpose-built Sakai surround. This elegant surround perfectly accentuates the X-20F’s portrait design with its tall and slim proportions. Integrating vents at the top and the bottom, the Sakai provides a fantastic focal point for a wide range of interiors and can be painted to suit your décor.

X-20F wood burning fire with Sakai surround

X-20F wood burning fire with Sakai surround

For heating larger spaces, the new N-20F wood burning fire is a compact yet powerful fire that combines a 7.4kW heat output with a high efficiency of 82%. This wide format wood burning cassette fire comes with the attractive Dublin surround.

The Dublin is a modular system, and is available with an optional log store, allowing you to tailor your fire arrangement to your needs. There are also different styling options for the Dublin such as a concrete slatted front, which can be painted to a colour of your choice.

If you desire a wood burning fire for a truly individual home, look no further than the new X-20F or N-20F. For more information, contact your local Nordpeis retailer.

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  1. Colm O'Rourke says:

    Looking to put a burning stove into a fireplace, looking for a price

    • Alex says:

      Good Morning Colm,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message. I am afraid you cannot purchase from us directly and so we do not have prices for these appliances. If you head to our Find A Retailer page – you can find your nearest local supplier and they will have costs for you.

      I hope this helps,

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