Stockton 7 High efficiency wood burning stoves and fires

High efficiency wood burning stoves and fires

Reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions by up to 80%

Upgrade your open solid fuel fire to a wood burning stove or fire and you could reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Stovax Stockton 7kW Inset Convector

To get 7kW of heat out of an open fire, which may be as low as 15% efficient, you would have to burn 10.58kg of wood. To get 7kW out of a Stovax Stockton 7kW Inset Convector, burning at 78% efficiency, you would only have to burn only 2.03kg of wood. This is a saving of over 80% in terms of weight of wood used and it follows that the emission of carbon would also drop by over 80%.

Stockton 7 inset

The reduction in emissions of other pollutants such as black carbon would be much greater than 80% as the open fire would proportionally produce much higher levels of these particulates whilst the Stockton 7 inset uses modern technology and through the use of secondary combustion would burn much of the residual particulate material.

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