Love your environment this #ValentinesDay

Love your environment this #ValentinesDay

You might be thinking about cosying up by the fire with your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a glass of wine and a good film. One thing you can do for the environment today is to consider what you’re burning on your fire, and what you are using to burn it.

Help us improve air quality

Stovax is a member of the Stove Industry Alliance, and we are striving for improvement in air quality. You can help by:

• Choosing an Ecodesign Ready solid fuel stove
• Choosing a Defra Approved appliance
• Burning clean, dry and well-seasoned wood
• Opting for sustainably sourced wood
• Maintaining your appliance well

You can find out more about how to burn right on our blog here.

Ecodesign Ready stoves

Ecodesign is a forward-thinking directive that requires manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of energy-using and energy-related products. From 2022, only the cleanest burning Ecodesign stoves can be manufactured, but Stovax has launched a number of stoves and fires that meet these emissions standards now.

An Ecodesign Ready stove or fire burns so cleanly that it produces minimal emissions and yet maintain superb high efficiency levels.

Defra Exempt appliances

If you live in an urban area, it is more than likely that you live in a smoke control zone. Any stove or fire, including an open fire, can be used in a smoke control area provided only authorised smokeless fuels are burnt. Alternatively, you can burn wood as long as a DEFRA-approved stove or fire is used.

DEFRA-approved stoves have been independently tested, and approved by DEFRA, and are approved for use in areas with smoke control restrictions. These appliances typically feature clean burning technology, allowing them to burn wood with minimal smoke. You can check whether or not a stove is approved by visiting the ‘Exempt Appliances’ list on the DEFRA website.

How to choose quality wood

Wood is a carbon lean fuel; many say that the carbon dioxide released during combustion is approximately the same as was absorbed by that tree during its growth. An essential part of ensuring that your wood burning stove or fire is performing to its maximum potential is looking at the wood you are using to fuel it.

Read our helpful page on how to choose quality firewood.

Find your nearest retailer by clicking this link. They will be able to help you choose the right log burner for your home.

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Posted by on February 14, 2018

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