Introducing the all-new Stovax County stove collection

Introducing the all-new Stovax County stove collection

New for 2021, the Stovax County wood burning and multi-fuel range combines timeless styling with advanced combustion systems. The result? Stoves that bring both character and a practical heat source to your home.

Enduring style

With its unmistakably utilitarian form, the County’s design blends traditional styling with clean lines and simple detailing. At home in any interior, these charming stoves look just as good in a country cottage as they do in more contemporary settings.

To ensure a stunning flame view, County multi-fuel and wood burning stoves feature a large viewing window with powerful internal Airwash jets to prevent soot and ash from blackening the glass.

Advanced engineering

Thanks to their innovative combustion systems, County multi-fuel and wood burning stoves are suitable for almost any home. Meeting both current DEFRA smoke control requirements for towns and cities, as well as 2022 Ecodesign air quality targets, they can be installed anywhere in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Primary and secondary air controls let you easily adjust the County’s heat output. Open all controls to ignite the fuel as quickly as possible, and once burning, switch back to normal running mode for optimum efficiency.

Flexible fuel options

County 3 and 5 come in multi-fuel stove options, which allow you to burn either wood or smokeless mineral fuels. Featuring an external riddling grate, County multi-fuel stoves let you effortlessly switch between logs or approved mineral fuels to suit your lifestyle. The County 5 is also available as a dedicated woodburner, should you wish to only burn logs.

Greater installation options

Both the County 3 and 5 multi-fuel and wood burning stoves are designed for modern living, and can be installed with a discrete 12mm hearth. 12mm hearths differ from a thicker 25mm constructional hearth usually required for stove installations, and can also be made from various stylish materials such as tile or specially-designed glass.

County wood burning and multi-fuel stoves also incorporate a rear heat shield to reduce the space needed behind the appliance, giving you greater freedom to choose where your stove is positioned in the room.

Where can I buy a County 3 or Stockton 5 wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

Contact your local Stovax retailer to purchase either a County 3 or 5 multi-fuel stove or 5 wood burning stove. It’s worth checking they have one before you travel, but more often than not, your expert retailer will be able to show you one of these attractive stoves burning. They can also help with any installation questions you might have and make sure you choose the right size stove for your home.


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